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    Programmagroep: Anthropology of Health, Care and the Body
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Tu-Anh Hoang is a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR) - the Health, Care and Body group. Her research looks at violence against heterosexual married women and LGBT people in Vietnam from the view of heteronormativity. She is founder and director of a local NGO in Vietnam. Her work including research and advocacy on gender, sexuality and rights of women, young people, LGBT and people with disabilities in Vietnam and in the region. 



T: +31 623810671  


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Wetenschappelijke positie

  • Hoang, T.A. (member) (2013): Journal Culture, Health and Sexuality (External organisation).


  • Hoang, T. A., Dinh, N., Nguyen, T. T., & Dang, H. L. (2013). Stories yet to be told. Hanoi: Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP). [details]
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