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dhr. drs. E.F. (Elmar) Jansen

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Elmar Jansen (1981) studied Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. His master thesis focused on the relation between xenophobic attitudes and uniformity and progressiveness of the indigenous culture. For this master thesis he was rewarded by the Dutch Political Science Association (NKWP) with the Daniël Heinsiusprijs 2008, the annual prize for best Masters thesis in political science completed in the previous year. Before joining the ASSR in 2009, he has been teaching as work group instructor in introductory courses on political science and methodological courses in both political science and communication research.

His PhD project is concerned with the relationship between liberal and progressive values on the one hand and the media debate, party positions and individual attitudes regarding migration and migrants in Western-European countries on the other.

Nation Identifier Database

Here I'm sharing the "nation identifier" datafile that I've compiled for myself. This SPSS file can be useful for those who want to merge data from different national-level data sources. It merely consists of 24 variables for 288 countries containing several different styles for country-names, numeric identifiers and character identifiers, which allows users to merge differently coded national data sets. The following identifiers are included:
1. Full Name
2. Short Label
3. ISO (3166-1) Short Name
4. ISO (3166-1) 2-character code
5. ISO (3166-1) 3-character code
6. ISO (3166-1) Country Number
7. World Bank 3 character code
8. UN nation code
9. Democracy Data (Pippa Norris) Nation Number
10. CWS (Comparative Welfare States Dataset)
11. ESS (European Social Survey) cntry Variable
12. WVS (World Values Survey) x001 (Country) variable
13. ISSP (International Social Survey Program) nation number
14. EB (Eurobarometer) nation number


  • van Gent, W. P. C., Jansen, E. F., & Smits, J. H. F. (2014). Right-wing radical populism in city and suburbs: an electoral geography of the Partij Voor de Vrijheid in the Netherlands. Urban Studies, 51(9), 1775-1794. DOI: 10.1177/0042098013505889 [details]


  • Jansen, E. F. (2012). Immigration and traditionalism in the European political space. In APSA Annual Meeting 2012. [details]
  • van Gent, W. P. C., Jansen, E. F., & Smits, J. H. F. (2012). Right-wing Radical Populist Party Support in and around the City: an Urban Electoral Geography of PVV voting during the 2010 Dutch Parliamentary Elections. In Book af abstracts: Urban Affairs Association 42nd Annual Conference: Rethinking the Future of Urbanism: Cities and Regions in a Post‐Industrial Era: April 18-21, 2012, Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown, Pittsburgh, PA. (pp. 263-264). Milwaukee, WI: Urban Affairs Association. [details]


  • van der Pas, D. J., & Jansen, E. F. (2011). The dimensionality of voting behaviour in two European parliaments. In ECPR General Conference Reykjavik. [details]
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