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mw. E.M. (Ellen) Jansen MA

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    Capaciteitsgroep Conservering en Restauratie
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    Conservering en restauratie erfgoed
    Johannes Vermeerplein 1  Amsterdam
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    Johannes Vermeerplein  1
    1071 DV  Amsterdam
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Short biography

Ellen Jansen is a conservator of modern and contemporary art. After finishing her MA study in Art History in 2006 at the VU University Amsterdam, she enrolled in the training program in Conservation and Restoration of Modern and Contemporary Art at the UvA (2007-2012). During the program she did internships at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum Twenthe in Enschede and the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo. She has a long history in museum practice, mainly focusing on analogue and digital imaging, working closely with conservation departments. In 2012, she started as a lecturer in conservation practice and assistant coordinator within the contemporary art training program at the UvA.


  • van de Braak, K., Laganá, A., van Keulen, H., de Groot, S., Jansen, E. M., & Peschar, R. (2017). Synthetic Furs in Art: Materials, Processes and Cleaning Methods. In T. Bechtold (Ed.), Future Talks 015. München: Neue Sammlung. [details]


  • Jansen, E., Smit, I., Dikken, D. J., Korterik, J., & Offerhaus, H. (2015). Go with the Glow: An Investigation into a 1960s Art Object with Phosphorescent Paint and its Treatment Possibilities. In A. Bailão, F. Henriques, & A. Bidarra (Eds.), RECH2: 2nd International Meeting on Retouching of Cultural Heritage: Porto, Portugal, 24-25 October 2014: proceedings. (pp. 106-122). Porto: Escola Artística e Profissional Árvore. [details] [PDF]


  • Jansen, E. (2012). Survival of the Survival Series: Conserveringsstrategieën voor een lichtkrant met een intern geheugen. Simulacrum, 20(2), 25-29. [details] [PDF]


  • Jansen, E.M. (invited speaker) (18-2-2016): Panel discussion with young international professionals about their training and state of the art conservation of digital artworks, Transformation Digital Art. International Symposium on the Preservation of Born-Digital Art, LIMA, Amsterdam.
  • Jansen, E.M. (speaker) (1-12-2014): Go with the Glow. Difficulties in the conservation and exhibition of phosphorescent artworks from the sixties, Authenticity in Transition: Changing Practices in Contemporary Art Making and Conservation, Glasgow.
  • Jansen, E.M. (speaker) (17-10-2014): Survival of the Survival Series, Jenny Holzer, 1983-85: Het ontwikkelen van een conserveringsstrategie voor een lichtkrant met een intern geheugen, SBMK-dag: Licht, Amsterdam.
  • Jansen, E.M. (speaker) (24-10-2014): Go with the Glow. An investigation into a 1960s artwork with phosphorescent paint and its treatment possibilities, 2nd International Meeting on Retouching of Cultural Heritage, RECH2, Casa das Artes, Porto.
  • Jansen, E.M. (speaker) (27-6-2013): Workshop Born-Digital Artist Interview, Digital Art Force-dag, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.
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  • E.M. Jansen
    Zelfstandig restaurator van moderne en hedendaagse kunst

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