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  • Jafari, P. (2013). The Ambiguous Role of Entrepreneurs in Iran. In P. Aarts, & F. Cavatorta (Eds.), Civil society in Syria and Iran: activism in authoritarian contexts. (pp. 93-118). Boulder, Colo: Lynne Rienner Publishers. [details]


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  • Jafari, P. (2009). Het andere Iran: van revolutie tot vandaag. Amsterdam: Ambo/Anthos. [details]
  • Jafari, P. (2009). Rupture and revolt in Iran. International Socialism, (124), 95-163. [details] [PDF]


  • Jafari, P. (2013). [Review of: C. Barker, L. Cox (2013) Marxism and social movements]. Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis, 10(4), 121-122. [details]
  • Jafari, P. (2013). [Review of: S. Fadaee (2012) Social movements in Iran: environmentalism and civil society]. International Review of Social History, 58(3), 544-547. DOI: 10.1017/S002085901300062X [details]


  • Jafari, P. (2011). Iranian entrepreneurs: agents of democratization?. Paper presented at State, Society and Economy in the Modern Middle East, . [details]
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