mw. dr. S. (Suzanne) Jak

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    Programmagroep: Methoden en Technieken (M&T)
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I am an assistant professor at the methods and statistics group of the research institute of child development and education. I obtained my PhD (2013) from the University of Amsterdam on research about testing measurement invariance in multilevel data using structural equation modeling. After obtaning my PhD, I became a postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University. In 2014, I received a Rubicon-grant from NWO. Therefore, from January 2015 until January 2016, I worked at the National University of Singapore. In 2016, I obtained a Veni-grant from NWO for the project: "One size fits all? New methods to account for heterogeneity in meta-analytic structural equation modeling". I will be working on this project project from 2017 until 2021.


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  • F.J. Oort & S. Jak (2016). Maximum likelihood estimation in meta-analytic structural equation modeling. Research synthesis methods, 7, 156-167.
  • J. Noordstar, J. Van der Net, S. Jak, P.J.M. Helders & M.J. Jongmans (2016). Global self-esteem, perceived athletic competence, and physical activity in children: A longitudinal cohort study. Psychology of Sport & Exercise, 22, 83-90.
  • S. Jak (in press). Testing and explaining differences in common and residual factors across many countries. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.
  • J. Noordstar, J. Van der Net, S. Jak, P.J.M. Helders & M.J. Jongmans (2016). The change in perceived motor competence and motor task values during elementary school: Gender and motor performance differences. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 34, 427-446. doi: 10.1111/bjdp.12142



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  • M. Hoeve, S. Jak, G.J.J.M. Stams & W.H.J. Meeuws (2014). Financial problems and delinquency in adolescents and young adults: a 6-year three-wave study. Crime and Delinquency. doi: 10.1177/0011128714541190
  • S. Jak, F.J. Oort & C.V. Dolan (2014). Using two-level factor analysis to test for cluster bias in ordinal data. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 49, 544-553. doi: 10.1080/00273171.2014.947353
  • S. Jak (2014). Testing strong factorial invariance using three-level structural equation modeling. Frontiers in Psychology, 5, 745.








  • S. Jak, A. Zand Scholten & F.J. Oort (Eds.). (2013) Netherlands Journal of Psychology, 67(4).
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