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mw. dr. T.G. (Jitske) Jasperse

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From 2008 to 2016 I was a lecturer in Art History at the University of Amsterdam. During this period I also wrote my PhD thesis there. At the moment I am a guest researcher at the UvA. Currently (2016-2018) I hold a two-year postdoctoral fellowship (Juan de la Cierva-Formación, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity), and participate in Therese Martin’s project “The Medieval Treasury across Frontiers and Generations: The Kingdom of León-Castilla in the Context of Muslim-Christian Interchange, c. 1050-1200” (funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity, HAR2015-68614-P).

Research interests

gender, patronage, 12th century, nobility, treasuries, metalwork, coins, reception of the Middle Ages


Over the years I have been actively involved in the Art History undergraduate curriculum: Medieval Amsterdam in Context (with Annika Rulkens). In 2013 this course was nominated for the Teaching Award awarded by the Faculty of Humanities. Others courses I have developed are: Outsiders in Medieval Art (together with Wendelien van Welie), Representation of Power in the Middle Ages, Survey of Art History I: Ancient & Medieval Art, Medieval Iconography in East and West (together with Sanne Frequin)



I am one of the founders of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Amsterdam (CMRSA).

Since 2011 I am part of the steering committee of CARMEN (The Worldwide Medieval Network).

I am also participating in the Royal Studies Network (Winchester)


More information can also be found on my academia webpage.


  • Jasperse, T. G. (2015). To Have and to Hold. Coins and Seals as Evidence for Motherly Authority. In E. Woodacre, & C. Fleiner (Eds.), Royal mothers and their ruling children: wielding political authority from antiquity to the early modern era. (Queenship and power). Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [details]


  • Jasperse, J. (2014). Duke Charles of Guelders and the ‘Restoration’ of the Tomb Monument of Gerard IV and Margaret in the Roermond Minster. In A. J. van Egmond, & C. Chavannes-Mazel (Eds.), Medieval art in the Northern Netherlands before Van Eyck: New facts and features. (pp. 174-187). Utrecht: Clavis. [details]
  • Jasperse, T. G. (2014). 'A Coin Bearing Testimony to Duchess Matilda as 'Consors Regni''. The Haskins Society Journal, 26[details]


  • Jasperse, J. (2007). Het culturele patronaat van Mathilde Plantagenet (1156-1189). Millennium: tijdschrift voor Middeleeuwse studies, 21(2), 89-107. [details]


  • Jasperse, J. (2014). Money, money, money: It’s a rich man’s world. Simulacrum, 22(4), 12-16. [details]
  • Jasperse, J. (2014). The queen’s masculine kiss: Brechmunda’s constituting act in the Rolandslied. Simulacrum, 21(4), 43-51. [details]


  • Jasperse, J. (2012). Made out of love for God: De diversis artibus, more than a technical manual. Simulacrum, 20(2), 30-36. [details]


  • Jasperse, J. (2014). [Review of: C. Hourihane (2013) Patronage: power & agency in medieval art]. The Sixteenth Century Journal, 45(3), 807-809. [details]
  • Jasperse, J. (2014). [Review of: J.R. Lyon (2013) Princely Brothers and Sisters: The Sibling Bond in German Politics, 1100-1250]. The Medieval Review, 2014(03), 09. [details] [PDF]


  • Jasperse, J. (2009). Een verheven praalgraf [Bespreking van: D. Schulz, B. van Bommel (2007) Het grafmonument van Gelre: het praalgraf Gerard II van Gelre en Margaretha van Brabant in de Munsterkerk te Roermond en de jongste restauratie ervan; H. Tummers, et al. (2008) Het praalgraf van Gerard van Gelre en Margaretha van Brabant in de Munsterkerk te Roermond: geschiedenis en restauratie van een uitzonderlijk monument]. Madoc, 23(1), 56-58. [details]


  • Jasperse, T. G. (2013). The many faces of Duchess Matilda: matronage, motherhood and mediation in the twelfth century ’s-Hertogenbosch: Boxpress [details / files]
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