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Blandine Joret received her PhD with highest honors (cum laude) in Media Studies at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (University of Amsterdam). Her dissertation is an in-depth exegesis of André Bazin's film criticism, in which she explains the significance of his notion of “myth” in relation to history, technology, and perspective, and examines several references to religious, scientific and poetic frameworks. She previously obtained a bachelor degree in Communication Sciences at the Catholic University of Leuven (2008) and a cum laude degree Master of Art at the University of Amsterdam (2009). During the Spring semester 2013, Blandine was also visiting scholar at Yale University, where she studied in the André Bazin archive.

Blandine's research interests are in film theory and criticism, in particular the significance of realism for contemporary media studies. Her current research looks at the intersection of cinema and pedagogy, with a specific emphasis on three-dimensional cinema and the broader social relevance of cinema culture.


French film theory and criticism, André Bazin, realism, myth and imagination, perspective, 3-D cinema, cinema and other arts (primarily painting and poetry), pedagogy.

Love (Noe, 2015)



  • Joret, B. (2015). Exploration, Invention and Imagination: The Myth of Icarus in André Bazin. In S. Viegas, & M. T. Teixeira (Eds.), International Conference on Philosophy and Film: e-Proceedings. - Volume 1, 2014. (pp. 64-78). Lisbon: International Conference on Philosophy and Film. [details]


  • Joret, B. (2012). ‘Tighten your seatbelt, we are going down’: On Global Mediations of Local perceptions. In C. D’Alonzo, K. Slock, & P. Dubois (Eds.), Cinéma, critique des images. (pp. 254-260). (Zeta cinema; No. 29). Pasian di Prato (UD): Campanotto. [details]


  • Joret, B. (2010). Diegetic and non-diegetic framing in 'The Tulse Luper Suitcases' (Peter Greenaway, 2003): a representation in between the abstraction of a map and the eyesight perspective of photographs. In P. Dubois, F. Monvoisin, & E. Biserna (Eds.), Extended cinema= Le cinéma gagne du terrain. (pp. 282-288). (Zeta cinema; No. 25). Pasian di Prato (UD): Campanotto. [details]


  • Joret, B. (2015). Today, Icarus: On the persistence of André Bazin’s myth of total cinema [details / files]
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