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mw. drs. D. (Dorota) Kawa

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I’ve started my PhD in September 2012. My main interest is how plants can change the shape of their Root System Architecture (RSA) in different environments. The main focus of our group is on salt stress, but in my research I extend that question to phosphate starvation. One of the adaptive strategies to survive salinity and other osmotic stresses is to modulate RSA through Main Root growth arrest and decrease of Lateral Root number and length. In low phosphate conditions Main Root growth is arrested, but the number of Lateral Roots usually increases. Saline soils very often have low levels of phosphate, which is one of the major nutrients for plants.  This means that at the same time plants have to respond to two different stresses that are shaping their roots in a different manner. I’m interested in the combined effect of salinity and phosphate starvation and how do plants integrate multiple stresses. To answer these questions we use natural variation existing in Arabidopsis.  I’m constantly amazed by the fact that so many types of Root System Architecture can be found within one species as well as by the level of root plasticity. With the Genome Wide Association Mapping (GWAS) we mapped couple of novel loci putatively responsible for the developmental adaptations to salt, phosphate starvation and their combined effect.

When I’m taking a break from roots, I switch to be biochemist. In my second project I’m characterizing two proteins with already known role in RSA modulation by salt, protein kinases SnRK 2.4 and SnRK 2.10. I search for their down- and upstream interactors, to fill in the gaps in SnRK2.4/2.10 signaling pathway


  • Kawa, D., Julkowska, M. M., Montero Sommerfeld, H., ter Horst, A., Haring, M. A., & Testerink, C. (2016). Phosphate-dependent root system architecture responses to salt stress. Plant Physiology, 172(2), 690-706. DOI: 10.1104/pp.16.00712 [details]


  • Julkowska, M. M., McLoughlin, F., Galvan-Ampudia, C. S., Rankenberg, J. M., Kawa, D., Klimecka, M., ... Testerink, C. (2015). Identification and functional characterization of the Arabidopsis Snf1-related protein kinase SnRK2.4 phosphatidic acid-binding domain. Plant, cell and environment, 38(3), 614-624. DOI: 10.1111/pce.12421 [details] [PDF]
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