mw. drs. L.E. (Lois) Kemp

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Overview academic work

Present teaching :

      The Structure of English (Syntax)
      Phonology and Morphology
2nd year BA:
      Sociolinguistics and Pragmatics
Supervising BA theses on:
      Topics within the area of Discourse and Pragmatics
Current research : the analysis of encapsulation in shell nouns.

General research interests :
      Modality and mitigation the relations between grammar and pragmatics.  Understanding grammar through Discourse theories such as Text World theory.     . 

Academic study:
1988 Doctoraal examen , UvA ( cum laude) .   Major: Linguistics of English (UvA) ;   Minor: General Linguistics (UvA); Minor: Lexicology en Terminology (VU).    

1979 Study at Bedford College, University of London

Previous teaching tasks :

UvA: English Language and Culture:   Introduction to the Linguistics of English , Discourse; Pragmatics Academic skills; Academic writing;

UvA: European Studies: .   1988-2004   2nd reader/language supervisor doctoraal   theses in English (more than 250).     Supervisor of 3 doctoraal   theses.

VU: Department of English: 1988-1990 - Writing, Speaking, Phonetics, team-teaching Discourse and Pragmatics.   

Academic work :

Hurk , I. van den, L. Kager, L. Kemp & M. Masereeuw. 1984.  To strand or not to. ICAME News 8: 71-83 [LOB]

Werth, P.N., Kemp,L., & Poulisse, N. (Unpublished). How to read a text. ms


1990 Assisted Dr P. Verdonk in organizing the PALA (Poetics and Linguistics) conference at the University of Amsterdam.

Additional information :

2004-5 Completed a course on Legal Translation Dutch-English

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