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mw. dr. J.J.H. (Jacqueline) Klooster

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Current position

   My current position is that of Marie Curie-Pegasus Fellow at Ghent University (Belgium) on a project entitled: A Portrait of the Statesman as an Artist: Writing Rulers in Antiquity. 
This research-project investigates the question how ancient authors evaluated a statesman who united in one person the figures of literary artist and statesman. Focusing on a number of diachronically selected case studies (Odysseus,Solon, Alexander, Cicero, Augustus, Nero, Claudius, Domitian, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, Julian the Apostate) the project will analyze how the combination of literary art and political power is perceived and represented by ancient authors, and of course by writing satesmen themselves (in historiography, [auto]biography, politico-philosophical treatises, Princes' Mirrors or other literary sources.)  

The study will answer the question which factors determine whether this combination reaps praise or blame. This entails the following issues: are specific types of poetry or literature considered fit or unfit for statesmen? What is literary taste held to reveal about social status, ethics and politics? Do the different forms of authority embodied in the man of state and the literary artist enhance each other, or are they mutually exclusive, and if so, why? Depending on the period in history, the social position of the particular author, and the political circumstances, these questions can be expected to be answered differently. 
The attitude of statesmen to the literary arts (and the evaluation thereof) is a theme with broad repercussions that resonate even in our own world of governmental decisions on financial support for the arts. 
I was educated at at the Classics department of Amsterdam University where in 2001 I obtained my MA and in 2009 my PhD under supervision of Prof. Dr. Irene de Jong and Prof. Dr. A.M. van Erp Taalman Kip. ( Poetry as Window and Mirror, Hellenistic Poets on predecessors, Contemporaries and Themselves ). 

Space in Ancient Greek Poetry

April 2009- October 2012, I was employed as a Postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in Ancient Greek. Below you will find a description of the project I have worked on. This research-project forms a part of the NWO-funded project coordinated by Irene de Jong on Space in Ancient Greek Narrative. For more information on the project and its other participants, see the link to the wiki-site below.

Poetry as Window and Mirror: Positioning the Poet in Hellenistic Poetry

This book (a revised version of my PhD thesis, published by Brill, Leiden 2011) aims to contribute to the picture we have today of how Hellenistic poetry functions by combining observations on imitation of poetic models and interaction between contemporary poets. Whereas numerous studies before this one have concentrated on the complex relation that Hellenistic poets have with the literary past, hardly any full-scale study has focused on the way these poets interact among contemporaries, and the role that choosing a poetic model and affiliation may actually play in the relations between contemporaries. Contending that the courtly society in which many poets strove to position themselves among their colleagues is vitally important, I show that the creation of allegiances and oppositions is often a  survivalstrategy, not merely the expression of esthetic preferences for which it has traditionally been taken.

Winnaar ABG-VN essayprijs 2012

Mijn essay "Niemand en de Eeuwige Terugkeer" won de essayprijs 2012 uitgeschreven door de Academische Boekengids en Vrij Nederland (2500 euro en publicatie). Het essay is te lezen onder de onderstaande link. 

Research Project: The World on a Scroll: Space in Hellenistic Poetry

One of the defining characteristics of Hellenistic Poetry is its literariness. All poets from the age of the great Alexandrian Library engage deeply with the works of predecessors, on all levels, vocabulary, plot-structure, characterization and modes of description. It is in particular this last topic this research-project will be focusing on. Zanker's influential claim that Hellenistic poetry constantly aims at "pictorial realism" (1987) has already been contested by some scholars. Indeed,although visual directness (enargeia) does appear to belong among Hellenistic poetry's main concerns (cf. Otto 2008), it is clear that a striving for realism does not explain certain remarkable aspects of the descriptions of spaces we find in Hellenistic poetry. A case in point is Callimachus' Hymn to Delos, in which the landscape, fleeing the expectant mother Leto, massively takes to its heels. Where do such implausible, and even impossible representations derive from, and how may they be explained in the learned atmosphere of the Alexandrian Library? A study of literary conventions and their use and abuse byerudite and witty poets like Callimachus will show that spatial descriptions in Hellenistic poetry are deeply influenced by poetical ideas about representation and its limits such as we find them fromAristotle through the rhetorical treatises and the medieval scholia. The study will focus in particular on Callimachus, but will also draw upon material from contemporary poets like Theocritus and Apollonius.


Today-2013: Post-doc at Amsterdam University (since april  2009). Research Project: Space in Hellenistic Poetry


2009: PhD Thesis:  Poetry As Window And Mirror: Hellenistic Poets On Predecessors, Contemporaries and Themselves (supervisors professors I.J.F. de Jong and A.M. van Erp Taalman Kip, University of Amsterdam)

2002:   MA Teacher of Classical Greek and Latin on secondary school level; Instituut voor de Lerarenopleiding (ILO), Amsterdam

2001: MA in Greek and Latin, University of Amsterdam (cum laude)

1998-2001: Italian language and literature at the University of Amsterdam (BA-level)


2007-now:   BA  and MA courses on Greek syntax and literature; supervison of BA and MA theses.

September - October 2007: BA course: Homer's Odyssey and Derek Walcott's Omeros ( Kaleidoscope of Western Literature ), department of Literary Studies, University of Utrecht

September - October 2007: BA course: Ancient Poetics ( History of European Literature ), department of Literary Studies, University of Utrecht

January-June 2006 :  BA course: Archaic lyric poetry, University of Amsterdam

2001-2003 :  Teacher of Classical Greek and Latin at Barlaeus Gymnasium Amsterdam (secondary school)

1997-2001: Tutor of Latin and Greek at various private educational institutions


May 2010: Bestuurslid NKV afdeling Amsterdam

June 2006: Organisation of the OIKOS Masterclass in Athens with participation of  professors Kurt Raaflaub and Deborah Boedeker (Brown University) theme: Presenting the Past

January 2005-June 2006:   Member of the educational board of the Dutch Graduate school for classics, OIKOS


January 2009 Oikos bonusscholarship for completing PhD thesis within the permitted time

June 2007  Scholarship for young scholars at the Fondation Hardt , Vandoeuvres, Switzerland

1999 Erasmus scholarship, 1 semester spent at the Università degli Studi di Bologna , Italy

Special Interests : Hellenistic Greek Poetry, Archaic Greek Lyric, literary translation; I writereading reports on French and Italian novels for Publishing company De Bezige Bij (Amsterdam).


Accepted for Publication

(2012/13) "Apostrophe in Hellenistic Poetry. Authenticating or distancing device?" in Metalepse (ed. P. von Moellendorf, U. Eise), de Gruyter.

(2011) Review of Sens, Asclepiades of Samos, Epigrams and Fragments , in: Mnemosyne

(2011) Visualizing the Impossible: the moving landscape in the Delos Hymn of Callimachus , in: Aitia: Regards sur la poesie Hellenistique dans le 21ième siècle , e-journal published by Lyons Ecole Nationale Superieure

(2011) " Twisten over Smaak. De positionering van de dichter in hellenistische poezie"  in: Lampas (2012) "Eis Epè kai Elegeias anagein: The Erotika Pathemata of Parthenius of Nicaea between epyllion and elegy,"  in: Brill's Companion to Greek and Latin Epyllion , ed. M. Baumbach and S. Baer, Brill, Leiden

(2013) "Theocritus"  in: Space in Ancient Greek Narrative , ed. I.J.F. de Jong, Brill, Leiden, (2013) " Apollonius" in: Space in Ancient Greek Narrative , ed. I.J.F. de Jong, Brill, Leiden,

Published Work


(2011) Poetry as Window and Mirror: Positioning the Poet in Hellenistic Poetry , (book) Brill, Leiden-Boston

Articles and Papers

(2010) " Parthenius' Pathologische Passies ",  in Lampas 43.3, 19-34 

(2009) Poetry as Window and Mirror, Hellenistic Poets on Predecessors, Contemporaries and Themselves (PhD Thesis)

(2009)  Charlatans or Saviours? Posidippus Epigram 95 AB in the context of Hellenistic epigrams on Physicians in : 8th Groningen Workshop on Hellenistic Poetry, Science and Nature in Hellenistic Poetry , 58-71 (Peeters, Leuven)

(2008) "Onsterfelijke Wijsheid? Socrates en Plato in de epigrammatische traditie" , in: Hermeneus , 80.2

(2007) "Dichter bij verre Dichters. Hellenistische epigrammen op dode dichters . " in: Wie is de Auteur? Dertien opstellen over schrijverschap, toeschrijvingen, pseudoniemen en anonimiteit, pp. 9-23, eds. Lisa Kuitert, Carla Dauven, Jelle Koopmans, Instituut voor Cultuur en geschiedenis, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam

(2007) Apollonius (chapter four) in: Studies in Ancient Greek Narrative, vol.2: Time in Ancient Greek Narrative, pp. 63-81 eds. I.J.F. de Jong and René Nuenlist, Brill, Leiden

(2007)  Theocritus (chapter six) in:  Studies in Ancient Greek Narrative, vol 2: Time in Ancient Greek Narrative, pp.97-115 eds. I.J.F. de Jong and René Nuenlist, Brill, Leiden

(2007) "Een addertje onder het gras? Een ironische lezing van PosidippusAB 95",  in Lampas 40.3,  211-222 

(2007)  "Dichters Begraven:fictieve grafepigrammen in de hellenistische periode" in Hermeneus 79.1, 17-23

(2006)   "De Onsterfelijke Inspiratie van Kennisen Leugens: Sirenen in Apollonius en Homerus", in Tetradio 15, 185-200


(2010) BMCR review 2010.10.69 Space and Time in Ancient Greek Narrative , by Alex C. Purves

(2010) BMCR review 2010.03.09 Enargeia, Untersuchung zur Charakteristik Hellenistischer Dichtung , by Nina Otto

(2007) Recensie van   "The New Posidippus, a Hellenistic Poetry  Book" ed. K.J. Gutzwiller, in Mnemosyne 60.2 , 297-301

(2004)  Recensie   van   L. Canfora: Histoire de la Littérature Grecque à l' époque Hellenistique , Paris, 2002 (BMCR)


(2007) Vertaling van Griekse en Latijnse teksten in de Nederlandse versie van Umberto Eco's Storia della Bruttezza ( Geschiedenis van de Lelijkheid ), Amsterdam, Prometheus / Bert Bakker

(2007) Bijdragen aan de   "Historische Kalender 2008" Historisch Nieuwsblad, Uitgeverij Veen

(2005)  Vertaling van Griekse en Latijnse teksten in de Nederlandse versie van Umberto Eco's Storia della Bellezza ( Geschiedenis van de Schoonheid ), Amsterdam, Prometheus / Bert Bakker   

Editing :

(2007) Guus vander Kraan: Sophocles' Philoctetes: Opkomsten en Afgangen, een interpretatie , eds. Mathieu de Bakker, Juliette Groenland, Jacqueline Klooster, Jacco Verburgt, Bart Wallet en Johan Weststeijn, Rozenberg Publishers Amsterdam


teaching activity semester january 2011-June 2011

  • Autoriteit en Inspiratie in Griekse en Latijnse Lyriek (met Piet Gerbrandy) MA-college GLTC
  • Griekse Syntaxis BA-college GLTC
  • organisatie variacolleges

Talks semester 2010-11

July 2011 Authorship, Authenticity and Autochthonous traditions: hellenistic poets on lyric traditions (Yale, Network for Ancient Song Conference)

25 mei 2011 Mapping the Myths: Apollonius Argonautica as a Ptolemaic Empire of knowledge ( UvA, Space Conference)

16 maart, 2011 Amsterdam bijeenkomst NKV Amsterdam: "Zingende Herders en Verliefde Helden. De Bucolische poezie van Theocritus"

11 februari 2011, Amsterdam "De invloedrijke Poetica van Callimachus," Mastercourse voor Docenten GLTC,Universiteitvan Amsterdam

4/5 februari Universiteit Giessen, " Apostrophe in Hellenistic Poetry: anti-illusionistic or authenticating device?"  

20 januari 2011, Deventer, bijeenkomst NKV: "Parthenius' pathologische passies" 

25 november, Rostock "The poetics of scholarship and the scholarship of poetics in Hellenistic Poetry"

18 november, Utrecht, bijeenkomst NKV: "De Argonautica van Apollonius Rhodius: een geleerd avontuur"

5 november 2010,  Oikos-studiedag Groningen "The prince's poetry: representation of the statesman as poet in ancient historiography"

planned conference, with Jo Heirman


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