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I joined the Anthropology department as Assistant Professor in August 2015.  I am a member of the Health , Care and the Body team.


In terms of my training and work, I straddle the domains of anthropology, sociology, psychology and public health. I received a PhD (2007) and MSc in psychology (2002) from the University of Edinburgh and a MA in Psychology ( cum laude)  from the Radboud University Nijmegen. Before joining the University of Amsterdam, I was lecturer at the Institute for International Health and Development (IIHD) at Queen Margaret University and I  am still affiliated with IIHD. From  2006  until 2008 I  worked as postdoctoral researcher in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh on an interdisciplinary ESRC-MRC fellowship . Before that, I worked in Nursing studies at the University of Edinburgh where I was part of a research team examining changes in the health visiting service in Scotland and whether this service addresses the needs of  Pakistani and Chinese mothers in Scotland.

Key themes in my research are the normative and moral aspects of sexual and reproductive health and how these affect community members' and health professionals'  behaviours, and the interaction between them. Through my research I seek to contribute to the development of  health systems, policies and interventions tailored to local realities. In addition to ethnographic methods, I use discourse and conversation analysis in my work.

In 2012 I was awarded an early career fellowship by the Independent Social Research Foundation to study providers’ and community members’ interpretations of  accountability and blame in relation to reproductive loss (e.g. miscarriages, abortions, infertility) and maternal mortality in Malawi. Through this project I seek to contribute to our understanding of accountability 'from below' and people-centred health systems. 

Since 2014 I work as discourse analyst on the project 'Generating accountability for maternal health outcomes in Nigeria through audit and improvement of maternity record linkage systems' funded by the MacArthur foundation (PI Dr. Julia Hussein, University of Aberdeen; Co-I Women's Health Action Research Centre, Nigeria). In this project we examine the process of maternal death reviews through a detailed analysis of the interactions between different team members in MDR meetings. We seek to unpack the 'black box' of these reviews by examining the discursive strategies used, and their functions and effects for instance in terms of multidisciplinary participation, joint problem solving and managing accountability for maternal deaths .     



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