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dhr. T.J. (Thijs) Koolmees MSc

  • Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
    Programmagroep: Urban Planning
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Thijs Koolmees is a research affiliate and member of the programme group Urban Planning at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) and a member of the Centre for Urban Studies, both at the University of Amsterdam. He holds a Research Master of Science degree in Metropolitan Studies from the same university (2012). Throughout his academic career he has focused on urban planning issues related to the development of large (real estate) projects, how public institutions cooperate (bachelor thesis) and how they justify their plans through framing (research master thesis). His research focuses on power and innovation in local public management of urban development projects in Amsterdam, searching for answers in the currently rapidly changing spatial, economic and demographic reality.

Thijs combines his academic career with a professional career. With a specific interest in urban project development he has done internships at the Rijksvastgoed en -Ontwikkelingsbedrijf (RVOB), a national level governmental land development and management corporation, and at Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Gemeente Amsterdam (OGA), the Amsterdam municipal development corporation. Currently Thijs holds a position as assistant projectmanager at the Projectmanagementbureau (PMB), an independent management bureau that delivers project managers to all kinds of complex (spatial) projects in the Amsterdam region.

Editor for Rooilijn - Tijdschrift voor Wetenschap en Beleid in de Ruimtelijke Ordening, Netherlands [Journal for Science and Policy in Spatial Planning]
Blogger for TheProtoCity - Online blog by and for young academics with an urban interest.

IJ lake Amsterdam

Overview of teaching activities

2012-2013: Bachelorscriptie projecten Sociale Geografie en Planologie (Bachelor thesis projects Human Geography and Urban Planning), 3rd year bachelor course (14 ECTS).

In this course, students work semi-independently towards the pinnacle of their bachelor studies: the bachelor thesis. Together with a colleague we supervise and guide students through the process of setting up an academic research, gathering research data and writing a thesis paper.


  •  Research project (2012-present): power and innovation in public management of urban development projects in Amsterdam.


Education and career

2012 - present: Assistant manager at ProjectManagement Bureau, municipality of Amsterdam

2012 - present: PhD candidate at University of Amsterdam

2012 - 2015: Editor at Rooilijn Magazine

2011: Teaching Assistant at Bachelor of Science Future Planet Studies, University of Amsterdam

2011: Visiting master student Urban Planning, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2010 - 2012: Research Master of Science in Metropolitan Studies, University of Amsterdam, Cum Laude

2008: Visiting ERASMUS student Urban Planning, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

2006 - 2010: Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Amsterdam

2000 - 2006: Pre-university secondary education (Gymnasium) at Marnix College, Ede, The Netherlands



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