mw. mr. drs. H. (Heather) Kurzbauer

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  • Member, Raad van Toezicht, USC-UVA
  • Voorzitter (Chairman of the Board) Oerknal
  • Adjunct Professor Arbitration Law, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio USA
  • Adjunct Lecturer Arbitration Law, Riga Graduate School of Law, Riga, Latvia
  •    blogger
  • former Corresponding Editor, Strad Magazine, London

Heather Kurzbauer studied art history, sociology and music at Yale University. She holds a Bachelors Degree cum laude and Masters Degree with Honors from that institution. Ms. Kurzbauer received her law degree from the University of Amsterdam Law Faculty and diplomas from Columbia Law School (Honors) in 1999.

A lecturer on subjects bridging law, media and politics, Ms. Kurzbauer was appointed Department Chair of Media Studies at Webster University- Leiden in 1996. Since then, Ms. Kurzbauer has developed and taught courses on media and politics, public international law, international commercial arbitration and transnational justice for Emerson College (Boston), Webster University-Leiden, Nyenrode Business University and the University of Amsterdam. A frequent contributor to British, American and Dutch newspapers and journals, Ms. Kurzbauer is a welcome guest on Dutch news-related television and radio programs (B & W, Buitenhof, Eenvandaag, Network and Nova) and has received commissions from Ars Aequi to write commentary on Supreme Court cases.

Ms. Kurzbauer served as Counsel at the Permanent Court of Arbitration from 2000-2004. She was recently appointed Adjunct Professor of International Arbitration Law at Case Western University (US) and teaches regularly for the Eggens Institute, Amsterdam. Ms. Kurzbauer was appointed to a guest professorship at the Riga Graduate School of Law (Latvia) in 2012.

Turning to the arts, Ms. Kurzbauer has performed in leading orchestras in the Netherlands and abroad (Royal Concertgebouw, Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, The Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic) and published hundreds of music/arts editorials and interviews for Strad Magazine London and BBC Music Magazine. In 2014, she was appointed chairman of the international, contemporary music collective, Oerknal.

From Novosibirsk to Beijing, Ms. Kurzbauer is a welcome guest at arts festivals and competitions worldwide (Spoleto Festival Dei Due Mondi, Grand Teton Music Festival, Queen Elisabeth Competition, Brussels, Indianapolis International Violin Competition, TransSiberian Arts Festival, Beijing Crossroads) where she plays an active role in leading audience discussions and media deliberations on cultural subjects. She was recently re-invited to serve as a member of the International Critic’s Jury at the Hannover International Competition.

Heather Kurzbauer was awarded the Hijmans Scholarship for PhD research on comparative labor law by the University of Amsterdam Law Faculty in 2014.


  • Kurzbauer, H. (Author). (2015). Orchestras must think creatively if they are to survive. The Strad. [details]


  • Kurzbauer, H. (2010). Supreme matters: tea parties and the activism of restraint. Ars Aequi, 59(9), 592-594. [details] [PDF]


  • Kurzbauer, H. (2008). Arms and the man: the US Supreme Court anno domine 2008. Ars Aequi, 57(6), 437-440. [details / files]


  • Kurzbauer, H. (2014). Letter From... Novosibirsk--Where music is part of the infrastructure. The Strad, 125(1490), 26-27. [details]
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  • Riga Graduate School of Law
    Adjunct Lecture Arbitration Law
  • Eggens Insituut
    Docent 'Legal English'
  • Raad van Toezicht USC-UvA
    Lid van Raad van Toezicht
  • Case Western Reserve University USA
    Adjunct Professor Arbitration Law
  • Strad Magazine London
    Corresponding Editor

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