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mw. drs. M. (Manon) van der Laaken

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I studied English at the University of Amsterdam and graduated in English Linguistics in 1979, with minors in General Linguistics, Translation Studies and Anglo-American Studies. I worked as a lecturer of English Language Acquisition at the UvA for many years, and then moved into new directions: I worked as a researcher / interviewer / director for a Dutch television production company, making informative TV programmes for Dutch national television, and I worked as a communications specialist for McKinsey & Company, a large international consultancy agency.  In 2003 I returned to the UvA. My teaching focuses on language in politics, sociolinguistics, writing skills, presentation techniques, and the cultural aspects of communication. I have been involved in a large number of internationalisation projects, in which Dutch students worked together with students from universities abroad (e.g. Venice, Southampton, Melbourne, York, Minnesota). My research interests include political discourse and cross-cultural and on-line communication. I am currently working on a research project on doctor-patient communication in outpatient cancer consultations.


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  • van der Laaken, M. (1986). Herschrijven als onderdeel van het schrijfvaardigheidsonderwijs in de moderne vreemde talen. Levende Talen, (414), 537-540. [details]


  • van der Laaken, M. (2016). A female audience: The construction of female-friendliness in anecdotes in the 2012 US presidential elections. In A. Bannink, & W. Honselaar (Eds.), From Variation to Iconicity: Festschrift for Olga Fischer on the occasion of her 65th birthday. (pp. 249-263). Amsterdam: Pegasus. [details]


  • van der Laaken, M. (1988). Writing and revising in L1 and L2: a pilot study. In Dutch Working Papers in English Language and Linguistics. (Vol. 4, pp. 1-11) [details]


  • van der Laaken, M., & van der Laaken, B. (2013). Presentation techniques. - 2nd ed. Bussum: Coutinho. [details]


  • van der Laaken, M., Lankamp, R. E., & Sharwood-Smith, M. (2001). Writing Better English. Bussum: Coutinho. [details]


  • Bannink, E.A. (organiser), van Dam van Isselt, H.R. (organiser), Kaal, A.R. (organiser) & van der Laaken, M. (organiser) (8-9-2014 - 9-9-2014): Symposium, Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).


  • van der Laaken, M. (speaker) (3-9-2014): Constructing female-friendliness: a multi-perspective analysis of excerpts from the 2012 US presidential debates, CADAAD2014, Budapest.
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