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Patty Leijten works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Research Institute of Child Development and Education. Her research aims to improve the effectiveness of parenting interventions to reduce disruptive child behavior. She bridges traditional intervention research and basic developmental research by using small scale experiments (i.e., microtrials) to illuminate which discrete elements of parenting interventions actually contribute to program effectiveness and which families benefit most from which elements.

Patty received her PhD from the department of Developmental Psychology at Utrecht University, where she evaluated the effectiveness of the Incredible Years parenting intervention for socioeconomically disadvantaged families. She also works as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford.

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  • Leijten, P. H. O., Raaijmaakers, M., Orobio de Castro, B., & Matthys, W. (2013). Does socioeconomic status matter? A meta-analysis on parent training effectiveness for disruptive child behavior. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 42, 384-392. DOI: 10.1080/15374416.2013.769169 [details]
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  • Leijten, P. H. O., Overbeek, G., & Janssens, J. M. A. M. (2012). Effectiveness of a parent training program in (pre)adolescence: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Adolescence, 35, 833-842. DOI: 10.1016/j.adolescence.2011.11.009 [details]


  • Leijten, P. H. O., Raaijmakers, M. A. J., Orobio de Castro, B., Posthumus, J. A., & Matthys, W. (2011). Oudertraining Incredible Years effectief bij gedragsprobleem jong kind. Jeugd en Co, 5, 17-23. [details]


  • Leijten, P., Raaijmakers, M. A. J., Orobio de Castro, B., & Matthys, W. (2016). Incredible Years Ouderprogramma voor Gedragsproblemen bij Kinderen uit Laagopgeleide- en Migrantengezinnen. Systeemtherapie[details]


  • Leijten, P. H. O. (2014). Toward improved parenting interventions for disruptive child behavior: Reaching disadvantaged families and searching for effective elements [details]


  • Leijten, P. (2015): Jacobs Foundation Marbach Residency Program.
  • Leijten, P. (2015): Wolfson College, University of Oxford, Junior Research Fellowship.
  • Leijten, P. (2015): ZonMw (NWO) parel.
  • Leijten, P.H.O. (2014): Society for Prevention Research / Early Career Preventionist Network Travel Award.
  • Leijten, P. (2013): Jacobs Foundation preconference workshop and travel grant.
  • Leijten, P. (2012): Fulbright Scholarship.
  • Leijten, P. (2012): Kind en Adolescent reisbeurs (declined).
  • Leijten, P. (2012): Occasional Lecturer Fund Award, Council for International Exchange of Scholars.
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