mw. prof. dr. F. Liu

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    Science Park 107
    Science Park 105  Amsterdam
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    Science Park  105
    1098 XG  Amsterdam


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  • M. Glas, H.B. van den Berg van Saparoea, S.H. McLaughlin, W. Roseboom, F. Liu, G.M. Koningstein, A. Fish, T. den Blaauwen, A.J.R. Heck, L. de Jong, W. Bitter, I.J.P. de Esch & J. Luirink (2015). The Soluble Periplasmic Domains of Escherichia coli Cell Division Proteins FtsQ/FtsB/FtsL form a Trimeric Complex with Sub-micromolar Affinity. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290 (35), 21498-21509. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M115.654756
  • F. Liu (2015). Some Issues Concerning Belief Revision in Social Networks. Zhexue Dongtai.
  • N. Alechina, F. Liu & B. Logan (2015). Efficient Minimal Preference Change. Journal of Logic and Computation.



  • J. van Benthem, D. Grossi & F. Liu (2011). Deontics = Betterness + Priority. In G. Governatori & G. Sartor (Eds.), Deontic logic in computer science: 10th international conference, DEON 2010, Fiesole, Italy, July 7-9, 2010: proceedings Vol. 6181. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (pp. 50-65). Berlin: Springer.


  • D. de Jongh & F. Liu (2009). Preference, priorities and belief. In T. Grüne-Yanoff & S.O. Hansson (Eds.), Preference change: Approaches from philosophy, economics and psychology (Theory and decision library. Series A, Philosophy and methodology of the social sciences, 42) (pp. 85-107). Dordrecht: Springer.



  • F. Liu, F. Veltman & M. Xiong (2008). Editorial. Synthese, 165 (2), 155-157. doi: 10.1007/s11229-008-9405-8


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