mw. prof. dr. F. (Fenrong) Liu

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  • Liu, F., & Lorini, E. (2016). Reasons to Believe in a Social Environment. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Deontic Logic and Normative Systems. [details]
  • Liu, F., Liu, C., Su, K., & Zhu, E. (2016). A Logical Characterization of Extensive Games with Short Sight. Theoretical Computer Science[details]


  • Liu, C., Liu, F., & Su, K. (2015). A Dynamic-Logical Characterization of Solutions in Sight-Limited Extensive Games. In PRIMA 2015. [details]
  • Liu, F. (2015). Some Issues Concerning Belief Revision in Social Networks. Zhexue Dongtai[details]
  • Alechina, N., Liu, F., & Logan, B. (2015). Efficient Minimal Preference Change. Journal of Logic and Computation. DOI: 10.1093/logcom/exv027  [details]


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  • Liu, F., Seligman, J., & Girard, P. (2014). Logical Dynamics of Belief Change in the Community. Synthese, 191(11), 2403-2431. DOI: 10.1007/s11229-014-0432-3 [details]
  • van Benthem, J., & Liu, F. (2014). Deontic Logic and Preference Change. The IfCoLog Journal of Logics and their Applications, 1(2), 1-46. [details]
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  • de Jongh, D., & Liu, F. (2009). Preference, priorities and belief. In T. Grüne-Yanoff, & S. O. Hansson (Eds.), Preference change: Approaches from philosophy, economics and psychology. (pp. 85-107). (Theory and decision library. Series A, Philosophy and methodology of the social sciences; No. 42). Dordrecht: Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-90-481-2593-7_4 [details]


  • van Benthem, J., & Liu, F. (2014). Where is Logic Going. Studies in Logic, 7(1), 84-99. [details]
  • Hansson, S. O., & Liu, F. (2014). From Good to Better. Using contextual shifts to define preference in terms of monadic value. In Alexandru Baltag and Sonja Smets (Ed.), Trends in Logic, Outstanding Contributions: Johan F. A. K. van Benthem on Logical and Informational Dynamics. Springer. DOI: [details]



  • Liu, F. (2008). Changing for the better : preference dynamics and agent diversity Amsterdam: ILLC [details / files]


  • Liu, Fenrong (2016): Distinguished Changjiang Professor.

Wetenschappelijke positie

  • Liu, F. (member) (2016): Chinese Conference on Logic and Argumentation (Event).
  • Liu, F. (member) (2016): International Conference The Making of the Humanities (Event).
  • Liu, F. (member) (2016): International Conference on Principle and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems (Event).
  • Liu, F. (member) (2016): The Second International Workshop on "Norms, Actions, Games" (Event).


  • Liu, F. (speaker) (10-2016): Argumentation in Ancient China: from an Agency Point of View, International Conference The Making of the Humanities (V).
  • Liu, F. (speaker) (14-12-2016): Chinese Philosophy Meets Modern Logic, Stanford University.
  • Liu, F. (speaker) (22-3-2016): Reasons to Believe in Social Settings, Workshop on Logical Dynamics of Social Influence and Information Change.
  • Liu, F. (speaker) (4-2016): Argumentation: From a Social Perspective, Chinese Conference on Logic and Argumentation (CLAR2016).
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