Fotograaf: Nick Loughlin

dhr. N.J.D. (Nicholas) Loughlin MSc

  • Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica
  • Bezoekadres
    Science Park A
    Science Park 904  Amsterdam
  • Postadres:
    Postbus  94248
    1090 GE  Amsterdam

I am a PhD student based at The Open University (OU) supervised by William Gosling at the University of Amsterdam.

My project is part of a NERC funded project looking at the response of tropical forests to past changes in global climate. The research will specifically examine the tropical cloud forests of Ecuador using a number of proxies (pollen, fossil wood, charcoal, non-pollen palynomorphs, chironomids etc) to determine how the abundance and diversity of vegetation has changed since the last glacial maximum 21,000 years ago and from this attempt to quantify the changes in vegetation, whilst understanding the driving forces behind the vegetation dynamics.

For further details click here to visit my OU web page

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