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mw. A.G. (Toni) Mazel MA

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Antonia (Toni) Mazel is lecturer and researcher at the department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Currently, she is working on a PhD-dissertation on the mediatisation of contemporary food culture (read more under research). She also writes about food and cooking on her blog

In 2000 Toni Mazel received her MA degree in Philosophy (aesthetics) and Literary Studies at the University of Amsterdam (cum laude). She wrote her thesis on the French philosopher Michel Serres.

She has been teaching Cultural Theory at various academies of art and design, including  AKV/St.Joost and the Design Academy Eindhoven. Commisioned by the academy AKV/St.Joost, she wrote a research paper on pictorial metaphor and visual culture, Metaforen in Beeld

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Currently, I am writing a PhD dissertation on the mediatisation of contemporary food culture.

Food Rules: Politics and Pleasure in the Contemporary Food Movement

The project explores how the present food movement uses food as a vehicle for social and cultural change, combining political concerns and pleasure in a form of “political hedonism”. Drawing on media and governmentality theory, I demonstrate that its discourse is marked by an educational mission, teaching responsible modes of consumption and citizenship. In three case studies –Slow Food, Jamie Oliver, Michael Pollan– I analyse how knowledge and practices about food, produced by these experts, are mediatised through diverse (converging) media forms. 

Toni Mazel is member of the committee of the Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food, an annual symposium organised by the University of Amsterdam and Social & Cultural Food Studies (FOST) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 


Food blogger and owner of foodblog



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