mw. E. (Evangelia) Mademli MA

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    Capaciteitsgroep Media & Cultuur
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    BG 1
    Turfdraagsterpad 9  Amsterdam
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    Turfdraagsterpad  9
    1012 XT  Amsterdam


  • Mademli, G. (2016). From the Crisis of Cinema to the Cinema of Crisis: A “Weird” Label for Contemporary Greek Cinema. Frames Cinema Journal, (9). [details]


  • Mademli, G. (2015). Norway (2015) by Yannis Veslemes. Filmicon, Journal of Greek Film Studies, (3), 96-100. [details]


  • Mademli, G. (2017). The Viewser as Curator:: The Online Film Festival Platform. In P. Hesselberth, & M. Poulaki (Eds.), Compact Cinematics: The Moving Image in the Age of Bit-Sized Media. (pp. 85-91). Bloomsbury Academic. [details]


  • Mademli, G. (2016). Archiving Balkan Histrory:: The Films of the Manakia Brothers. In P. Drummond (Ed.), The London Film & Media Reader 4: Visions of Identity: Global Film & Media . (Essays from the Third Annual London Film and Media Conference 2014). The London Symposium. [details]
  • Mademli, G. (2016). The Rise of the Peripheral Subject:: Questions of Cultural Hybridity in the "Greek Crisis". In E. Peeren, H. Stuit, & A. van Weyenberg (Eds.), Peripheral Visions in the Globalizing Present: Space, Mobility, Aesthetics. (pp. 182-197). (Thamyris / Intersecting: Place, Sex and Race; Vol. 31). Brill/Rodopi. [details]


  • Mademli, G. (2015). Archives at Arm's Length:: "Selfie" Films through a Looking Glass . In A. Costa Valente, & R. Capucho (Eds.), Avanca | Cinema : International Conference 2015. Cine Clube de Avanca. [details]


  • Mademli, G. (2009). Senti/mental Education:: Two Pinku Eiga Films at the Turn of an Era. In L. Adamidis (Ed.), Pinku Eiga: Beyond Pink. (pp. 50-54). Aegokeros Publications. [details]
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