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Multiple-choice decision making

How do people make multiple-choice perceptual decisions in a noisy environment? That is the core question of my postdoctoral research project. In the project we will test the ability of mathematical models of decision-making to capture the behavioral consequences involved when the number of response alternatives increases. In turn, these models will inform and constrain analysis of fMRI data.


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  • Neumann, J., van Maanen, L., Forstmann, B.U. & Ratcliff, R. (2015): VolkswagenStiftung grant.


  • van Maanen, L. (organiser) & Forstmann, B.U. (organiser) (1-6-2015 - 5-6-2015): International Summerschool Model-based Neuroscience., Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
  • van Maanen, L. (organiser) (11-6-2015 - 12-6-2015): Dutch Neuroscience Meeting DN 2015, Lunteren, The Netherlands (organising a conference, workshop, ...).


  • van Maanen, L. (editor) (2014-2015): Brain Informatics (Journal).
  • van Maanen, L. (editor) (2014-2015): Brain Informatics (Journal).
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