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Dr. Mirjana Majdandžić is assistant professor at the Department of Child Development and Education. She studied Behavioral biology and Bioinformatics at Utrecht University. Her research is focused on the measurement, relations and consequences of temperament (including anxiety) and parenting behavior. She conducted a longitudinal observational study on the relations between temperament, parenting behavior and behavioral problems in families with two children. She is currently involved in a study on the development of social anxiety, where she focuses in particular on the role of fathers' challenging parenting behavior in early anxiety development.  She teaches developmental psychology, behavioral genetics, and temperament & psychopathology at the undergraduate level, and measurement and interrelations of temperament & parenting behavior in the research master.

Research interests: The relations between child temperament and parenting behavior, in particular the role of challenging parenting behavior in the development of child anxiety. Factors of interest regarding these relations include:

  • Observational and questionnaire measurement of temperament and parenting behavior.
  • Child temperament, including child behavioral inhibition and anxiety.
  • Parenting behavior, in particular challenging parenting behavior of fathers.
  • Evolutionary theories on differences in parenting behavior between fathers and mothers.
  • The role of coparenting in (child and parental) anxiety.
  • The role of self-regulation in anxiety.
  • Cross-cultural differences in the relations between temperament and parenting behaviour

A second area of interest is parenting processes and the development of children of single mothers by choice.


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  • Metz, M., Majdandzic, M., & Bögels, S. (2016). Coparenting and child negative affectivity across early childhood: The moderating role of pre-birth marital quality[details]


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