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PhD Project: Changes in Modern Frisian verbal inflection


This project investigates changes in Modern Frisian verbal inflection. The goal of the project is twofold. The more concrete goal is to give a detailed overview and account of the on-going changes in the verbal inflection of Frisian. The theoretical goal is to find out what the balance is between the external force ‒ the profound pressure exerted on Frisian by Dutch ‒ and the internal force ‒ the analogical reshaping of the verbal paradigm, in response to the desire to have transparent relations between the form and function of linguistic elements.
This calls for setting up an explicit and testable model of language change in which the factors of both analogy and language contact each play their role and may interact in the reshaping of verbal morphology. It is hardly conceivable that as far as changes in the verbal paradigm of Modern Frisian are concerned 'anything goes'. The question is what can ‘go’, and in which direction. Frisian and its verbal system are likely to form a fruitful testing ground for formulating and/or reformulating hypotheses concerning analogy and language contact.


Start: april 2014

This is a joint project of the ACLC and the Fryske Akademy (FA). The supervision is in the hands of prof. dr. A.P. (Arjen) Versloot (UvA/ACLC) as supervisor and promotor and dr. W. (Willem) Visser (Fryske Akademy) as daily supervisor and co-promotor. The research is carried out at the Fryske Akademy in Leeuwarden. 


  • Merkuur, A. A. (2016). Review of [Oscar Strik: Modelling Analogical Change. A History of Swedish and Frisian Verb Inflection; (dissertation Groningen, 2015)]. Us Wurk, 68(3-4), 190. [details]
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