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[T]he world of human kind constitutes a manifold, a totality of interconnected processes, and inquiries that disassemble this totality into bits and then fail to reassemble it falsify reality. Concepts like "nation," "society," and "culture"  name bits and threaten to turn names into things. Only by understanding these names as bundles of relationships, and by placing them back into the field from which they were abstracted, can we hope to avoid misleading inferences and increase our share of understanding." (Eric Wolf)


Short CV

Dr. Paul Mepschen is lecturer in Social Anthropology at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University and postdoc at the University of Amsterdam. He teaches courses on religion, gender, politics and ethnographic methodology. He received his PhD degree from the University of Amsterdam for his dissertation Everyday autochthony. Difference, discontent, and the politics of home in Amsterdam (2016), on the politics of autochthony in the Netherlands (cum laude).  


His work deals with the politics of belonging, citizenship, and urban politics in Western Europe. His interests include cultural and sexual politics, migration, race and racism, sexuality and queer theory; and religion and secularism. He is also interested in populism and the sociology of the European Left. As part of the Political Sociology program at the UvA, he is currently working on a research project on the urban politics and historical anthropology of LGBTIQ pride, focusing on the sexual politics of 'Europe'. Other research focuses on urban superdiversity; on masculinity; and the politics of representation concerning Islam and refugees. 

Academic publications:        

Mepschen, Paul (forthcoming 2017) A post-progressive nation. Homophobia, Islam, and the new social question in the Netherlands. In: Achim Rohde, Christina von Braun, Stefanie Schüler-Springorum eds. National Politics and Sexuality in Transregional Perspective: the Homophobic Argument (London/NY: Routledge, 2017), forthcoming.

Mepschen, Paul (2016) Sexual democracy, cultural alterity and the politics of everyday life in Amsterdam. Patterns of prejudice 50 (2). (May 2016)

Mepschen, Paul (2016) The culturalization of everyday life. Autochthony in Amsterdam New West. In: Duyvendak et al., The culturalization of citizenship. Autochthony and belonging in a globalizing world. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Balkenhol, Markus, Paul Mepschen and Jan Willem Duvyendak (2016). The nativist triangle. Sexuality, race, and religion in discourses on 'Dutchness'. In: Duyvendak et al., The culturalization of citizenship. Autochthony and belonging in a globalizing world. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Mepschen, Paul (2016) Everyday autochthony. Difference, discontent and the politics of home in Amsterdam. PhD-dissertation, University of Amsterdam.

Mepschen, Paul (under review). Populism and the discourse of displacement in Amsterdam New West. Ethnography.

Mepschen, Paul, Justus Uitermark, and Jan Willem Duyvendak (2014) ‘Progressive Politics of Exclusion. Dutch populism, immigration and sexuality’. APSA Migration and Citizenship Newsletter.

Uitermark, Justus, Paul Mepschen, and Jan Willem Duyvendak (2013) ‘Progressive politics of exclusion. The populist framing of Islam in the Netherlands’. In: European States and Their Muslim Citizens: The Impact of Institutions on Perceptions and Boundaries. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Mepschen, Paul (2013) ‘De politiek van de sloop. Stedelijke vernieuwing en de sociale constructie van gewone mensen in Slotermeer.’ In: Tonkens and De Wilde (eds.) Als meedoen pijn doet. Affectief burgerschap in de wijk. Amsterdam: Van Gennep.

Mepschen, Paul and Jan Willem Duyvendak (2012) ‘European sexual nationalisms. The

culturalization of citizenship and the sexual politics of belonging and exclusion.’ Perspectives on Europe. Spring 2012.

Mepschen, Paul (2012) ‘Gewone mensen. Populisme en het discours van verdringing in Amsterdam Nieuw West’. Sociologie. 2012 (1).

Mepschen, Paul, Jan Willem Duyvendak and Evelien Tonkens (2010) 'Sexual Politics, Orientalism, and Multicultural Citizenship in the Netherlands.' Sociology 44 (5): 962-79.



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  • Mepschen, P. (2013). De politiek van sloop: stedelijke vernieuwing en de sociale constructie van 'gewone mensen' in Slotermeer. In E. Tonkens, & M. de Wilde (Eds.), Als meedoen pijn doet: affectief burgerschap in de wijk. (pp. 209-228). (Tijdschrift voor sociale vraagstukken. Jaarboek; No. 2013). Amsterdam: Ven Gennep. [details]


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  • Mepschen, P. J. H. (2013). The politics of dis/order and the formation of autochthony. In Conference Heritage Dynamics Project and the SANPAD Project Performing the Rainbow Nation. University of the Western Cape/University of Cape Town. Cape Town. [details]


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  • Mepschen, P. J. H. (2011). Amsterdam New West. Out of place in the post-fordist city.. Paper presented at International RC21 conference 2011, . [details]
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  • Mepschen, P. J. H., & Buijs, L. J. (2011). Sexual whiteness. The case of Amsterdam gay capital. Paper presented at Uitsluitende Emancipatie, . [details]


  • Mepschen, P. J. H. (2016). Everyday autochthony: Difference, discontent and the politics of home in Amsterdam [details / files]

Wetenschappelijke positie

  • Mepschen, P.J.H. (member) (2011): Amsterdam Research Center for Gender and Sexuality (ARC-GS) (External organisation).
  • Mepschen, P.J.H. (member) (2008): FEMSOC08 - Links Feminisme in de 21e Eeuw. Grenzeloos / International Institute for Research and Education. Amsterdam. November 2008 (External organisation).


  • Mepschen, P.J.H. (editor) (2010-2011): Etnofoor (Journal).
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