dhr. dr. C. (Christof) Monz

  • Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica
  • Bezoekadres
    Science Park A
    Science Park 904  Amsterdam
    Kamernummer: C3.231
  • Postadres:
    Postbus  94323
    1090 GH  Amsterdam
  • C.Monz@uva.nl
    T: 0205258676


  • M.K. Tran, A. Bisazza & C. Monz (2015). A Distributed Inflection Model for Translating into Morphologically Rich Languages. In MT-Summit (pp. 145-159).
  • M.E. van der Wees, A. Bisazza, W. Weerkamp & C. Monz (2015). What's in a Domain? Analyzing Genre and Topic Differences in Statistical Machine Translation. In Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 7th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (Volume 2: Short Papers) (pp. 560-566). Beijing, China: Association for Computational Linguistics.
  • O. Bojar, R. Chatterjee, C. Federmann, B. Haddow, M. Huck, C. Hokamp, P. Koehn, V. Logacheva, C. Monz, M. Negri, M. Post, C. Scarton, L. Specia & M. Turchi (2015). Findings of the 2015 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation. In Proceedings of the Tenth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation.[go to publisher's site]
  • M.E. van der Wees, A. Bisazza & C. Monz (2015). Five Shades of Noise: Analyzing Machine Translation Errors in User-Generated Text. In ACL 2015 Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text (pp. 28-37). Beijing, China: Association for Computational Linguistics.
  • M.E. van der Wees, A. Bisazza & C. Monz (2015). Translation Model Adaptation Using Genre-Revealing Text Features. In Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Discourse in Machine Translation (pp. 132-141). Lisbon, Portugal: Association for Computational Linguistics.
  • E. Garmash & C. Monz (2015). Bilingual Structured Language Models for Statistical Machine Translation. In Proceedings of Empirical Methods for Natural Language Processing. Lisbon, Portugal.








  • S. Carter, C. Monz & S. Yahyaei (2008). The QMUL System Description for IWSLT 2008. In International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation: IWSLT 2008 in Hawaii: Evaluation Campaign on Spoken Language Translation: October 201-21, 2008: proceedings (pp. 104-107). Kyoto: National Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Multilingual Translation Laboratory.[go to publisher's site]


  • K. Balog, J. He, K. Hofmann, V. Jijkoun, C. Monz, M. Tsagkias, W. Weerkamp & M. de Rijke (2009). The University of Amsterdam at WePS2. In 2nd Web People Search Evaluation Workshop (WePS 2009), 18th WWW Conference.
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