mw. L.R. (Lindsay) Morehouse MPhil

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    Capaciteitsgroep Archeologie
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    Oude Turfmarkt 129  Amsterdam
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    Oude Turfmarkt  129
    1012 GC  Amsterdam

Lindsay is a PhD Candidate with the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory, and Material Culture Studies. She works with the Allard Pierson Museum as part of the Connecting Early Medieval European Collections project (CEMEC), a project to create a transnational exhibition on the Early Medieval Period in Europe: The focus of her PhD research will be on Late Antique Egyptian museum collections. The project is entitled "Making and Faking Egypt: (Re)contextualizing Late Antique Egyptian artifacts in museum collections" and is supervised by Prof. Dr. James Symonds, Dr. Hanneke Ronnes, and Dr. Wim Hupperetz.

In 2014, Lindsay recieved her MPhil in Classical Archaeology from the University of Oxford (St. Cross College), where she completed her thesis entitled "Health and Healing in Roman Britain: The evidence from the small finds."  In 2012, she recieved BA in Classics (with minors in History and Religious Studies) from Macalester College in St. Paul, MN, earning academic honors for her thesis: "Dismemberment and Devotion: Anatomical votive dedication in Italian popular religion." 

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