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Nour is a PhD researcher at the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM) & the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA). He is mainly interested in cultural heritage management and conflict archaeology. Prior to his admission at University of Amsterdam, Nour finished a Master in Archaeology from the University of Warsaw-Poland. Documentation and analysis of destruction have been crucial parts of his MA thesis which titled: "Preserving Cultural Heritage in Conflict Areas, Aleppo city-Syria". His MA thesis was largely based on the knowledge and experience that he has gained while pursuing MA studies at the faculty of archaeology in University of Leiden before starting his master degree at the University of Warsaw.

Current Project

PhD Project: "The (Re)construction of Syrian and Iraqi Cultural Heritage in Post-Conflict Contexts 

The project explores the prospects of (re)constructing and rehabilitating cultural heritage sites affected by armed conflicts in Syria and Iraq. Nour's PhD project explores the cycle of heritage, by shedding light on the attitudes towards cultural heritage sites in conflict at the intersection of identity and memory. This research aims to provide a new approach to cultural heritage reconstruction in post-war periods to make a significant contribution to conflict archaeology studies.

Memberships & Affiliations

  • Member of UNESCO Roster of Experts on Safeguarding Syrian Cultural Heritage, Paris, France. May 2016 - Present
  • Member of the British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology (BANEA), London, UK, December 2016 - Present
  • Member of European Association of Archaeologists (EAA), Prague, Czech Republic, April 2016 – Present
  • Fellow Researcher at Scholars at Risk network (SAR), University of New York - USA, February 2016 - Present
  • Member of Scholars at Risk network (SAR) Speaker Series, University of New York - USA. February 2016 - Present
  • Member of The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS-Nederland), Feb. 2016 - Present.
  • Member of Computer Applications & Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA-International), Sienna, Italy, March 2015 - Present

Selected Activities

  • Participation in UNESCO's International Expert Meeting on Emergency Safeguarding Syria's Cultural Heritage in Berlin, Germany, June 2016.
  • Panel Speaker at Ideas are not Crimes: Scholars at Risk conference - Dublin, Ireland, November 2016
  • European Association for International Education (EAIA) – Panel Speaker at Spotlight Seminar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 2016.
  • Documentation of cultural heritage destruction in Syria and Iraq, 2012 - present
  • Researcher at Rijksdienst Voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (RCE) / Cultural Heritage Agency in the Netherlands (2012).
  • Conserving and Laminating Ancient Manuscripts training at Juma Al-Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Aleppo - Syria (2010).
  • Preserving Ancient Manuscripts training at Juma Al-Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Aleppo - Syria (2010).
  • Research Assistant at the National Museum of Aleppo in Syria (2006-2009).

Field Excavations

  • Człuchów archaeological project, University of Warsaw. Człuchów Castle, Poland, May 2014.
  • Szczepanski archaeological project, University of Warsaw. Mazury, Poland, July 2013.
  • Łosice archaeological project, University of Warsaw. Łosice, Poland, April 2013
  • Emar archaeological project, University of Tübingen. Tell Meskene, Aleppo, Syria, August 2008.


Should Palmyra be Reconstructed? EX NOVO N.2 - Peer-Reviewed Journal of Archaeology, (Forthcoming 2017).

Who Should Be the Decision-Makers in Post-Conflict Times? British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology (BANEA) 2017 Conference, Glasgow, Scotland, Jan. 2017.

Destruction and Reconstruction of Heritage: Palmyra &The Way Forward. Symposium Iconoclasm: Beeldenstorm and Beyond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 2016.

Public Archaeology and Conflict: A New approach for Post-War Reconstruction. Destruction and Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage: The 3rd Heidelberg Centre Cultural Heritage (HCCH) International Summer School, Heidelberg - Germany, September 2016.

Public Archaeology in Exile: Cultural Heritage and the Conflict in Syria. co-author with prof. James Symonds, Bridging Ages Conference - 12th international conference, Kalmar - Sweden, September 2016.

Can Local People Preserve Cultural Heritage? European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) 22nd Annual Meeting, Vilnius - Lithuania, September 2016.

Preserving Cultural Heritage in Conflict Areas Syria. Green Conservation of Cultural Heritage.
Rome - Italy, October 2015.

Preserving Cultural Heritage in Conflict Areas, Aleppo, Syria. Art and Conflict Symposium at Wolfson College, Oxford University - United Kingdom, May 2015.

Cultural Heritage Preservation in Digital Context. Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology 43rd Conference, Sienna - Italy, March 2015.

Preserving cultural heritage in conflict areas: a historical-comparative study “Aleppo, Syria” March 2011-March 2014. British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology (BANEA) Conference, London - United Kingdom, January 2015.

The experience of the visitors of the Boshoverheide: the biggest prehistoric urnfield in the Netherlands. co-author with Lara Elemans, In “Out in the Field” Internships Master Students
Archaeological Heritage Management 2011-2012, (eds). Joëlla van Donkersgoed, Lara Elemans and Annemiek Rhebergen. Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University - The Netherlands, May 2012.


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