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dhr. dr. B.J.H. (Bonne) Zijlstra

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Bonne Zijlstra is an assistant professor at the Department of Child Development and Education. His main tasks are teaching methods and statistics to graduate and undergraduate students, researching methods and statistics and advising staff and students. Some of his research topics are: models for social network analysis, random effects models and  complex patterns of dependence.


Ph.D.,  Social Sciences, 2008, University of Groningen.
M.Sc.,   Psychology, 2001, University of Groningen.
M.Sc.,   Special Education, 2001, University of Groningen.


2008 - present     Assistant Professor, Dept. of Educational Sciences, University of Amsterdam.
2006 - 2008         Lecturer/ Researcher, Dept. of Educational Sciences, University of Amsterdam.
2001 - 2005         Ph.D. Student, Dept. of Psychology, University of Groningen.


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Psychology, 62, 143-166.
Zijlstra, B.J.H. (2008). Random effects models for directed graphs with covariates. PhD thesis,
University of Groningen.
Zijlstra, B.J.H., Veenstra, R., & Van Duijn, M.A.J. (2008). A multilevel p2 model with covariates
for the analysis of binary bully-victim network data in multiple classrooms. In N.A. Card, J.P. Selig,
& T.D. Little (eds.), Modeling Dyadic and Interdependent Data in Developmental Research, 377-393.
Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.
Baerveldt, C., Zijlstra, B., De Wolf, M., Van Rossem, R. & Van Duijn, M.A.J. (2007). Ethnic
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Veenstra, R., Lindenberg, S., Zijlstra, B.J.H., De Winter, A.F., Verhulst, F.C. & Ormel, J. (2007).
The dyadic nature of bullying and victimization: Testing a dual perspective theory. Child Development, 78, 1843-1854.
Zijlstra, B.J.H., Van Duijn, M.A.J. & Snijders, T.A.B. (2006). The multilevel p2 model: A random effects model for the analysis of multiple social networks. Methodology, 2, 42-47.
Zijlstra, B.J.H., Duijn, M.A.J. van & Snijders, T.A.B. (2005). Model selection in random effects models for directed graphs using approximated Bayes factors. Statistica Neerlandica, 59, 107-118.
Duijn, M.A.J. van, Snijders, T.A.B. & Zijlstra, B.J.H., (2004). P2: a random effects model with
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Bos, K.P. van den, Zijlstra, B.J.H., & Broeck, W. van den. (2003). Specific relations between
alphanumeric naming speed and reading speeds of mono-syllabic and multi-syllabic words. Applied
Psycholinguistics, 24, 407-430.
Zijlstra, B.J.H. & Kiers, H.A.L. (2002). A comparison of degenerate solutions obtainedfrom several
variants of factor analysis. Journal of Chemometrics, 16, 596-605.
Bos, K.P. van den, Zijlstra, B.J.H., & lutje Spelberg, H.C. (2002). Lifespan data on continuous-
naming speeds of numbers, letters, colors, and pictured objects, and word reading speed. Scientific Studies of Reading, 6, 25-49.


2009 Teacher of the year award, Dept. of Educational Sciences, University of Amsterdam.
2009 Dissertation Prize, The Psychometric Society.









  • B.J.H. Zijlstra, R. Veenstra & M.A.J. van Duijn (2008). A multilevel model p2 model with covariates for the analysis of binary bully-victim network data in multiple classrooms. In N.A. Card, J.P. Selig & T.D. Little (Eds.), Modeling dyadic and interdependent data in the developmental and behavioural sciences (pp. 369-386). New York, NY: Routledge.


  • R.G. Fukkink, S. van Otterloo, L. Cohen, M. Van de Wouden & B.J.H. Zijlstra (2016). Verschillende stadsdelen, verschillende schoolloopbanen? (extern rapport). Amsterdam: Hogeschool van Amsterdam.


  • T. Schijf, A. van der Leij, A. van der Berkel, J. Bekebrede & B. Zijlstra (2010). Spellingvaardigheid van brugklassers. Levende Talen Tijdschrift, 11 (2), 3-12.


  • B.J.H. Zijlstra (2008, September 11). Random effects models for directed graphs with covariates. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (147 pag.) (Groningen). Supervisor(s): prof. T.A.B. Snijder.
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