Ceramic processing for the Kato Kouphonisi survey

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Finds processing for survey campaign in Greece, 1-24th September 2018, open for advanced Bachelor and Master students. Deadline for application 20 April 2018.

Survey location

The Kato Kouphonisi survey is the final phase of the Keros-Naxos Seaways Project, an ongoing investigation within the Small Cyclades region of the Aegean Sea and part of the Cambridge Keros Project, directed by Prof Colin Renfrew and Dr Michael Boyd (University of Cambridge). This survey will contribute to a fuller understanding of the Keros hinterland, alongside data from the earlier Keros Island survey (2012-13) and the South East Naxos survey (2015).

Ceramic processing

Dr Jill Hilditch will be leading a team processing the ceramic finds from the Kato Kouphonisi survey. The work involves the initial recording, as well as basic technological study and photography of the ceramic finds for the database. Previous surveys have recovered ceramic material from the Early Bronze Age, contemporary with the settlement at Dhaskalio and sanctuary at Kavos, as well as most periods from the Iron Age to the Late Roman/Early Byzantine, up until the modern era.

This project provides an excellent overview of Greek pottery across five millennia and is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience of archaeological ceramic processing. Information sessions on Greek ceramics will be held in late Spring-early Summer in Amsterdam to familiarise students with the range of pottery under study.

We work six days a week (not Sundays) and working hours are approximately 7.00-15.00 (Mon-Sat) with an afternoon session 17.00-19.30 (Mon-Fri). The working environment can involve high temperatures, sun exposure, rocky terrain and high winds, so hats and sun protection are strongly advised, as well as sturdy footwear.

Picture of view of Kato Kouphonisi from Keros

Project details

The Dhaskalio excavations will be running concurrently and there will be a large international team of archaeologists working on the Keros-Naxos Seaways project. Evening lectures by project specialists will be given for the Kato Kouphonisi survey and Dhasaklio fieldschool participants. The project team is housed in the main town on the very small Cycladic island of Ano Kouphonisi, with daily boat trips to the work areas of Kato Kouphonisi and Dhaskalio.

Accommodation will be provided (in shared rooms of 2-3 people, with bathroom and fridge), with communal breakfasts and lunches (Monday-Saturday) and dinners (except Saturday evening) for the duration of the project. Ano Kouphonisi has several beaches within walking distance of the accommodation and there are many cafes, bars and restaurants in the main town. Ano Kouphonisi can be reached by ferry from Athens, Santorini or Crete throughout September, and the smaller islands of Irakleia, Schinoussa, Donoussa, Naxos and Amorgos are feasible for weekend trips.

Applications and requests for more information can be sent to Dr Jill Hilditch (j.r.hilditch@uva.nl) before 20 April.

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