Pindar, Literature and the Sublime

22mrt2018 15:00 - 16:30


Amsterdam Classics Research Seminar by prof. Bob Fowler (University of Bristol)

The talk will consider the implications of Boris Maslov's striking thesis that Pindar's poetry marks the emergence of literature in a strong sense. The author-function is very well established in this poetry, and the poet stresses his power and that of his poetry to transcend normal reality. He has for good reason been taken as a prime example of the sublime (the eagle in the clouds); the potential of this concept as a master key to reading Pindar will also be touched upon.


Bob Fowler is Emeritus Professor of Greek, University of Bristol. He is a specialist in the field of early Greek poetry and is the publisher of sections of the early mythographies (R. Fowler, Early Greek Mythography I: Introduction and Text, II: Commentary, Oxford OUP 2001, 2013).

Venue: UvA/PC Hoofthuis/room 1.05

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This lecture is open to the public, free of charge. You are most welcome to attend this lecture.
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