Cultural Perspectives on Social Norms

Insights from Research and the Field

26jan2018 10:00 - 18:00


How did the culture of risky lending develop in the financial sector? How do maladaptive cultural norms, like female genital cutting, develop and what can be done to change them? How can organizations promote a culture of safety in domains that allow little room for error (e.g., healthcare)?

The Symposium

On 26 January 2018, the Kurt Lewin Institute (KLI) and the Cultural Psychology master’s program of the University of Amsterdam co-organize an interactive symposium titled “Cultural Perspectives on Social Norms: Insights from Research and the Field” that will take place in Amsterdam. The main goal of the symposium is to foster a fruitful interaction between scientists and professionals on the topic of norms and cultural psychology.

Connect scientists and practitioners

The main goal of the symposium is to foster a fruitful interaction between scientists and professionals on the topic of norms and cultural psychology. This is not science-for-science. We want to connect scientists and practitioners, and discuss how psychological insights can help to address concrete societal and organizational challenges.

Furthermore, we aim to review and discuss the state of the art in research that combines social norms and cultural psychology, and to advance theorizing in this field by integrating perspectives from different disciplines. To this end, the symposium will bring together academics from different disciplines, ranging from social and organizational psychology to developmental psychology, evolutionary economics, and neuroscience. An active interaction between scholars, practitioners, and participants will be initiated during a plenary discussion.

Insights from science and practice

During the plenary discussion we aim to integrate insights from theoretical and empirical work on the one hand and everyday practice on the other hand. This way we hope to stimulate a fruitful discussion and to identify topical areas that may lend themselves particularly well to a synergistic combination of insights from science and practice.

Participants are encouraged to bring in their own view and questions during the discussion. The plenary discussion will be moderated by a scholar who will integrate the different perspectives so as to outline future directions in research and practice.


The symposium will consist of presentations by scholars and practitioners as well as a moderated plenary discussion between presenters and participants. There will be coffee breaks, a lunch break, and a reception at the end of the symposium.

How to register

The application deadline for the symposium was on 1 November 2017. It is no longer possible to register for the symposium. 

Organizing Committee

Eftychia Stamkou and Gerben Van Kleef

KLI Valorization Officer

Madelijn Strick


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