Executive Board Q&A

The Executive Board Q&A is an opportunity for both staff and students to personally discuss matters with members of the Board.

Summer break

During the summer break, there will be no weekly Q&A's. Next academic year, there will be weekly Q&A's. The planning will be mentioned on this page in due time.


The Executive Board wants to hear about staff and students' experiences of working and studying at the UvA. That's why weekly Q&A sessions are organised, which include lunch. There are alternate sessions for students and staff members. During these sessions you can talk to the Board members about topics that matter to you.There is no fixed agenda: the topics are up to you.

  • What are the things you like about the UvA?
  • What are your main challenges you face?
  • What kind of opportunities do you see for yourself, during and after your studies? 
  • What are chances and opportunities you see for our university?

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The Q&A sessions are open to students and staff members. For each session different students and staff memebers are personally invited to the lunch based on a random selection. Because a lunch is organized, we ask you to let us know if you want to join. If you want to join, please leave your details via the links below. As we believe that the best conversations take place in small-scale, informal situations, each lunchtime session is intended for approx. 20 people.

Because of summer break, there are no weekly Q&A's at the moment.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

12 July 2018