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Members 2018-2021

The current Works Council members are listed below.


  • I.S. Breetvelt, FMG Works Council
  • E. Gonzalez, FEB Works Council
  • C.J. Kleverlaan (vicevoorzitter), ACTA Works Council
  • G.W. van der Pol (voorzitter), FGw Works Council


  • ACTA Works Council
    M. Sluijs
    C.J. Kleverklaan
  • AMC Works Council
    E.J. Pasman 
  • FdR Works Council
    O. van Tubergen
  • FEB Works Council
    E. Gonzalez
    S. Landhuis
  • FGw Works Council
    J.J. Bekkenkamp
    G.W. van der Pol
  • FMG Works Council
    I.S. Breetvelt
    E. Grassiani
  • FNWI Works Council
    P.H. Rodenburg
    T.R. Walstra
  • GOR 
    R.H.C. Huygens
    I. Kraal

Contact (Secretariat)

COR secretary: Evelien Moors
T: +31 (0)20 525 6955