About the UvA

Collaboration with other Amsterdam universities

The UvA cooperates with other educational institutions in Amsterdam. Important partners are the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and VU University Amsterdam.

UvA and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The University of Amsterdam cooperates with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) in the areas of education, research, services and governance.

UvA and VU University Amsterdam

The UvA and VU share a joint faculty of Dentistry, work together at Amsterdam University College and are discussing further integrating the two university medical centres. Within the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archeology (ACASA), the UvA and VU also cooperate in the field of classical languages ​​and cultures and archeology.

Science faculty collaboration

The UvA and VU science faculties are working together to strengthen and improve their education and research and to pool knowledge and resources.

The two faculties offer a wide range of joint study programmes. Two Bachelor's programmes and five Master's programmes are now offered as a joint UvA-VU degree. In other programmes as well, content is often coordinated in order to increase the course options for students.

In a number of research areas, intensive collaboration and knowledge sharing takes place between the UvA and VU, as well as sharing of specialised facilities or equipment. Whenever researchers see an opportunity to collaborate, the UvA and VU try to facilitate this collaboration.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

16 November 2017