Museums and Special Collections

The University holds a number of collections, ranging from historical artefacts to rare books and manuscripts, and from computer hardware to anatomical specimens. You can view a number of these collections in the museums listed below. You can also take a look at the growing collection of images available online.

Allard Pierson Museum

The collection of the Allard Pierson Museum includes a diverse range of antiquities from the ancient civilisations of ancient Egypt, the Near East, the Greek World, Etruria and the Roman Empire. The museum organises regular exhibitions and other activities such as lectures.

The Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam

The Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam include extensive collections of early printed books, modern special editions and manuscripts, as well as maps, prints, posters and photographs.

The Special Collections regularly organise special exhibitions and other events and activities open to the public.

University History Collection

The University History Collection contains objects from the fields of art and science, historical documentation and archives  from the Athenaeum Illustre and the University of Amsterdam, and historical records of student life going back to the founding of the UvA in 1632 right up to the present. In addition, the curator is the contact person for the University's faculty collections.

Computer Museum

The Computer Museum has a unique collection of historical computers and calculators.

Museum Vrolik

Museum Vrolik's collection includes more than ten thousand anatomical and embryological specimens, human and animal skeletons and skulls, and anatomical models and reconstructions.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

31 October 2018