About SPUI25

SPUI25 is an academic-cultural centre located on Amsterdam’s Spui square. It is a vibrant forum that forges a link between the University of Amsterdam and the world of cultural practice in the broadest sense. The centre’s activities oscillate between science and the imagination, fact and fiction.

The 80-seat hall at SPUI25 offers a forum for lectures, debates and interviews, but also book presentations, discussions and award ceremonies. SPUI25 targets both the academic community of researchers, lecturers, alumni and students, as well as a broader public with literary and cultural interests. It also acts as a living academic-cultural journal that stands out from other forums in Amsterdam by virtue of its links to academia, its flexibility and intimate scale. Ad-hoc programming enables a fast response to current affairs.

The cultural element in the programming is reflected by the delineation of the sphere of activities; the academic element finds expression in the mandate to always allow for reflection, scope and knowledge exchange as part of the activities.

Hall hire to external parties

The hall at SPUI25 can be hired by external parties for activities falling within the centre’s academic-cultural context. The cost of hire is €425, excluding additional costs. To discuss more options, please send an email to SPUI25@uva.nl or call +31 (0)20 525 8142.

Video recordings

Regular video recordings are made of our gatherings, the compilations of which are stored in our video archive, accessible via the homepage under ‘Audiovisueel’ (Audiovisual).

Published by  University of Amsterdam

8 April 2014