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Blackboard is a digital learning environment that supports education on an individual course basis. Comprehensive information about a course can be stored in Blackboard, including everything from the required documents to lecturer information, links to websites, literature references, audio and video, messages and more. Everyone who is registered for the course can access this information.

Blackboard can also be used for communication between lecturer and students, and between students. Finally, Blackboard can be used to administer examinations and to check papers for plagiarism.

How do you access Blackboard?

Lecturers and students can log onto Blackboard using their UvA-net ID.
Don't you have access to certain courses in Blackboard? Or don't you have a UvA-net ID as a guest lecturer? Please contact the faculty’s Blackboard support contact person to arrange a special Blackboard account. 

What support is available to you?

  • If you encounter any problems, always contact the faculty’s Blackboard manager first.
  • In the event of service disruption, contact the faculty’s Blackboard support contact person
  • The IC offers a variety of Blackboard training classes and workshops in which the necessary basic and didactic skills can be acquired. For information, click on ‘Blackboard Training sessions’ or contact the faculty’s Blackboard support.

How do I get a user name / account for Blackboard?

Most UvA employees have a UvA-net ID that they can use to log in to Blackboard. If you are a lecturer and do not have a UvA-net ID (which is often the case for the Faculty of Medicine) or if you are a guest lecturer, the faculty’s Blackboard support can create an account for you. 

Frequently asked questions and tips & tricks

For frequently asked questions and tips and tricks, please click on the UvA Educational Applications Wiki Knowledge Base link below. You will find several manuals and more information about how to use Blackboard on mobile devices.

Published by  ICT Services

29 September 2014