Our aims and ambitions

The University of Amsterdam aims to maintain a prominent position in the field of education, research and innovation, both in the Netherlands and internationally.


Our education is based on academic research. Curiosity, analysis, reflection and smart problem-solving are things we stimulate in our students. We strongly emphasise an international outlook in order to prepare students for the global job market. We encourage students to gain international experience, the number of international students in our programmes is on the rise and we are creating a growing number of joint degrees with leading international partners.


Our approach to research is rigorous and interdisciplinary, and we foster a culture of unremitting analysis and curiosity. We carry out leading research in a number of fields and answer new questions in innovative, often interdisciplinary ways. We have a number of research priority areas, which we develop and expand, working together in international, multidisciplinary consortia.


We consider innovation and helping solve societal problems as the third pillar of our ambitions. As a centre of leading international research, with outstanding academics and graduates, the UvA strives to attract research-intensive companies,  entrepreneurial talent and investors to the Amsterdam region. We encourage enterprise in our staff and work closely together with partner institutions to develop solutions to social and urban questions. 

Seven faculties, four open city campuses

Our research and teaching taken place in seven different faculties: Dentistry, Economics and Business, Humanities, Law, Medicine, Science and Social and Behavioural Sciences. These are based at four open city campuses, where different disciplines come together, and which combine study facilities, research labs, offices, meeting places and spaces for recreation and relaxation. Every year, UvA researchers produce around ten thousand academic publications.

Our core values

  • We are engaged.
    We try to make society a better place, working together and breaking down barriers between traditional disciplines. We play a prominent and visible role in public debate.

  • We are innovative.
    We question dogmas through cutting-edge, fundamental research. And we work on applications that have a real impact on society.

  • We are determined. 
    We cherish a spirit of enquiry and endurance, and provide the space to keep asking questions. The UvA’s atmosphere is one of curiosity and creativity, both basic conditions for innovation.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

12 April 2018