Cooperation between the UvA and AUAS

Since 1998, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) have been working together in the area of education, research and support services.

The partnership between the two institutions is mainly aimed at offering students as wide a range of degree programmes (and levels) as possible. They also cooperate in the field of research, valorisation and service provision.

In 2016, the partnership between the UvA and AUAS was evaluated. Central to this process was the question whether the original objectives of the partnership had been achieved and what the most desirable form would be for the partnership between the two organisations.

New situation as of 1 March 2017

Following the evaluation, the Executive Board and Supervisory Boards of the AUAS and UvA decided to dissolve the administrative union of the Executive Board of the AUAS and UvA, separate a number of staff departments and retain the shared services, effective from 1 March. This decision was approved by the advisory bodies of both institutions.

Separate boards for the AUAS and UvA

While the two organisations are continuing the cooperative partnership they have built up over the last few years in the field of teaching, research and joint services, they will each have their own separate Executive Boards from 1 March 2017. These separate boards will be able to focus exclusively on the profile and identity of their own institution. The AUAS and UvA see this as an important step on the way to a future in which both organisations determine their own course while continuing to support each other in specific areas.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

21 March 2017