Professorial Appointments Policy

The University of Amsterdam's policy paper 'Professorial Appointments Policy' was ratified by the Executive Board on 9 July 2009. Agreements and basic principles regarding types of appointments, appointment procedures, quality control and emeritus professors are listed and explained and together form a coherent policy.

The accompanying appendices, which include sample regulations and agreements as well as checklists for the different procedures, are intended to increase the effectiveness and transparency of the University of Amsterdam's professorial appointments policy.

With the ratification of this Professorial Appointments Policy, the following cease to apply:

  • Wervings en selectieprocedure van gewone hoogleraren aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam (November 2000).
  • Werving en selectie van hoogleraren (April 2001).
  • Kader Benoemings- en Bevorderingseisen van Wetenschappelijk Personeel aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam (1 April 2006), where the criteria for professors are concerned.
  • Beleid ten aanzien van hoogleraren aan de UvA (July 2006).

Published by  University of Amsterdam

21 March 2017