Vision on Teaching and Learning

The policy document 'Vision on Teaching and Learning' is an elaboration of the principle lines set out in the ‘Education’ section of the 'University of Amsterdam’s Strategic Plan 2011-2014: An Eye for Talent', which focuses on continuity together with innovation.

Two lines that have been continued from the previous Strategic Plan are improving the quality of study programmes and increasing study success rates. Other important starting points for this Vision on Teaching and Learning are the Veerman Committee report on the Future Sustainability of the Dutch Higher Education System and the Strategic Agenda of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science entitled ‘Quality in Diversity’ (Kwaliteit in verscheidenheid). The Veerman Committee’s recommitment to the binary system in the Netherlands calls for a clearer distinction between higher education with an applied emphasis and higher education with a research emphasis.

As a result of exponential growth in student numbers, the level of these two forms of higher education appears to have grown too close together. To re-emphasise the distinction, this Vision on Teaching and Learning focuses on themes such as academic training and research-intensive programmes, along with the necessary changes in the mindset of the teaching staff and students that are required in order to achieve these goals.

Innovation in education only has a chance of succeeding if specific efforts are made at all levels, namely at the curriculum, teacher and student levels.

The strategic policy development at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) with respect to teaching and learning is structured like a three-stage rocket: the strategic priorities are set out in the Strategic Plan, the priorities are expanded upon in the Vision on Teaching and Learning and a number of priorities are given more concrete form in separate policy documents.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

21 March 2017