Fact sheets

These fact sheets provide facts, figures and the context for a number of much-discussed issues surrounding the UvA's organisation and management.

  • How the UvA allocates the government grant

    The UvA distributes the financial resources from the government grant as well as the tuition fees by means of a so-called allocation model – an apportionment tool. The current system was introduced at the UvA in 2006 and was most recently adapted ...

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  • Participation in decision-making at the UvA

    The UvA’s Executive Board works closely with the central representative advisory bodies. In addition, an important role within the faculties is reserved for the faculty representative advisory bodies and the Programme Committees. Moreover, ...

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  • The UvA’s goals with respect to the city campuses

    The University of Amsterdam is in the process of clustering its real estate and reducing the number of buildings used for teaching and research from 85 to four city campuses. The UvA undertook this project about fifteen years ago on account of ...

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  • The UvA’s staff

    At the end of March, 2015, a total of 5,484 lecturers and researchers were aligned to the UvA. This joint figure includes permanent and temporary academic staff. The Executive Board has explicitly stated that an imbalance has occurred in recent ...

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  • Why does the UvA have a holding?

    UvA Holding BV enables the UvA – through participation – to create added social and economic value from teaching and research without mixing public and private funds. UvA Holding BV turns a profit that is made available to the UvA; in 2014 this ...

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