Strategic Framework for Internationalisation

In the spring of 2011, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) presented its Strategic Plan 2011-2014: An Eye for Talent. Internationalisation is a core theme in this document and relevant to teaching, research and knowledge valorisation.

The Strategic Plan focuses in particular on attracting, developing and retaining talented individuals and sets out ambitious objectives reflecting the importance of these goals in the dynamic area of higher education and research. A number of these objectives cannot be achieved without targeted efforts to stimulate the University’s international orientation. The Executive Board thus decided to draw up an internationalisation strategy, with the aim of offering a structured framework for pursuing internationalisation at the UvA. 

The UvA has chosen to formulate a broad institutional strategy for internationalisation that befits its character as a broad research-intensive university in a major urban centre. The strategy focuses first and foremost on enhancing the quality of teaching and research and is intended to contribute to the further advancement of an ambitious academic culture and research environment.

The main objectives of the internationalisation strategy are:

  • to prepare each student in the best possible way for a career in the global job market;
  • to attract the most talented individuals from around the world to the UvA’s degree programmes, in particular to its Master’s and doctoral programmes;
  • to strengthen the UvA’s profile in the international research domain;
  • to strengthen the UvA’s international identity.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

1 September 2017