Valorisation at the University of Amsterdam

Valorisation is the focus of growing social and political interest. The UvA views valorisation as one of its core tasks and strives to use the knowledge its creates to maximum effect. It is therefore important that the agreements made with regard to valorisation are clear and transparent to the wider public. For this purpose, the University formulated the policy paper 'Valorisation at the University of Amsterdam’ and the ‘Regulations Governing Valorisation 2014’.

Valorisation at the University of Amsterdam

Sharing and disseminating knowledge within and outside the University

Academic research is the driving force behind the creation of knowledge and expertise at the University of Amsterdam. Once created, the UvA shares its knowledge and expertise with others in a process known as valorisation. The UvA does this in a number of ways. Sometimes, valorisation is restricted to the academic world itself and consists of teaching and learning, or contributions to scientific journals. At other times, valorisation takes place within a broader social framework which includes members of the public, the business community and other institutes.

Policy paper and regulations 

The policy paper ‘Valorisation at the University of Amsterdam’ together with the 'Regulations Governing Valorisation 2014' provide more clarity about the UvA’s policy and choices concerning valorisation. The 'Regulations Governing Valorisation 2014’ have replaced the UvA's previous 'Regulations governing Inventions made by UvA Staff and Other Parties'. The 'Combined Regulations Governing Ancillary Activities' have replaced the previous regulations on ancillary activities.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

3 December 2018