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Visa application for family members

You may want to bring your partner and/or children with you to the Netherlands. Or perhaps they will join you at a later stage. Either way, be sure to mention your plans to your UvA HR officer or the Staff Immigration Office as early as possible. This way we can give you the best advice on how to deal with all the necessary paperwork.

It is usually more efficient and cheaper to submit your family members' applications together with your own. This does not mean that all family members must come over at once. Even if applications were submitted at the same time, family members can still choose between traveling to the Netherlands together with you, or at a later stage.

You have to add the following additional documents to visa applications for family members:

  • Proof of sufficient finances. For the exact amounts, see the IND website.
  • For a partner, either a marriage certificate or a single status certificate (see below), correctly legalised.
  • Birth certificate of each child that will be with you in the Netherlands, correctly legalised.

IND information on sufficient finances

Single status certificate

If you are unmarried, it is still possible to apply for a residence permit for your partner. Instead of a marriage certificate you and your partner both have to submit certificates proving that neither of you are married (Single Status Certificate/Affidavit). These certificates may not be older than six months and must be correctly legalised or apostillised.