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Emergency phone numbers

Emergency number for police, fire brigade and ambulance services: 112

When the operator picks up, you will be asked for the address and city where you are calling from, as well as the nature of the emergency. This is an emergency-only number.

Police information

The national police information number is 0900 8844 (local call rate). This is the number on which you can contact the police if you have a question or problem which is not an emergency. You might sometimes hear a message asking you to choose a region, but in most cases there will be an operator on the other end of the line. If necessary, they can put you through to your local police station.

Medical emergencies

A hospital's Accident and Emergency (A&E) department is meant for serious situations requiring immediate specialist medical treatment. If possible, bring an identification card and insurance pass when going to the A&E department.

Iamsterdam list of hospitals

GP out-of-hours surgery

The number in Amsterdam is 088 00 30 600. The service operates around the clock (24-hour) and is available on weeknights, weekends and all public holidays. This GP out-of-hours surgery (huisartsenpost) is for situations in which you would normally ring your GP during surgery hours. Such emergencies might include tightness of the chest, symptoms of paralysis, severe abdominal pain, a very sick child or accidents.

The operator will connect you with an emergency general practitioner in your area. You can visit the website for details via the link below.

Information about general practitioners (doctors)

Electricity and gas

There is a 24-hour number to call for electricity, gas or meter problems. Call this number if you suspect a gas leak, smell fumes or have a general power problem. The national number for such gas and electricity problems is 0800 9009.

Stolen bank or credit card

You should report all lost or stolen bank and credit cards to the police as soon as possible. It is also vital that you have your cards blocked in order to prevent any unwanted charges. The bank should also be notified about the theft.

If a bank card is lost or stolen:

ABN-Amro: 0800 0701
ING: 0800 022 0011
Rabobank: +31 (0)49 949 9112

If a credit card is lost or stolen:

Visa: 0800 022 3110
American Express: +31 (0)20 504 8666
Dinersclub: +31 (0)20 557 3407
Mastercard/Eurocard: 0800 022 5821

General helpline

ACCESS is a not-for-profit organisation which supports the international community in the Netherlands. ACCESS can be reached by calling +31 (0) 20 423 3217.


Embassies in the area are listed on a website run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

List of embassies