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Moving to the Netherlands

Removal goods and taxes

Removal goods or personal goods are goods destined for personal use by you or your family. When moving to the Netherlands, you are generally entitled to take your removal goods along without paying taxes on them. However, some conditions apply. There is a difference between moving to the Netherlands from an EU country or from a non-EU country. For more details please check the website of the Dutch Customs (Douane). When you move you might also arrange several matters regarding the export of your removal goods in your country of departure. Ask the authorities in the country you are leaving or your removal company for details well ahead of your moving date.

Dutch Customs website

Pre-departure checklist

Expat Essentials provides a useful pre-departure checklist. To help you make all the necessary arrangements regarding bureaucratic matters, travel and housing.

Expat Essentials pre-departure checklist

Power of attorney

Depending on your situation, leaving a Power of Attorney with a spouse, parent or other trusted person back home might be a good idea. This will come in useful if any situation arises on your home country while you are away which either requires some decision on your part or access to personal records, which you may have trouble dealing with from out of the country.