• Claes de Vreese

    Claes de Vreese, professor of Communication Science

    ‘The UvA has an open, intellectual culture.’

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  • Gimène Spaans - division manager ICT Services

    Gimène Spaans, division manager of customer care, ICT Services

    'My work is varied and turbulent.'

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  • Harm van der Geest, researcher, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED)

    'Universities offer you the freedom to formulate your own research questions.'

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  • J.J.B. Turpijn

    Jouke Turpijn, assistant professor, Dutch History research group

    ‘Amsterdam is a real UvA city.’

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  • Marc van Steekelenburg and Karin Vlietstra, Staff Immigration Office

    Marc van Steekelenburg and Karin Vlietstra, immigration advisers, Staff Immigration Office

    'Everyone has his or her own story, which keeps our job interesting.'

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  • Dr Ning Yan

    Ning Yan, assistant professor of Chemistry

    ‘I enjoy carrying out curiosity-driven research to explore the unknown.’

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  • Nour Munawar, PhD researcher

    'What I like the most about the UvA is the international atmosphere.'

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  • Rafael Ribas, assistant professor of Finance

    'What I like about the UvA is the interaction with other researchers. Top quality researchers from all around the globe.'

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  • Tolga Caskurlu

    Tolga Caskurlu, assistant professor of Finance

    ‘If you are an academic, the first thing you want is freedom. At the UvA, you have this freedom.’

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  • Tom Kuipers, programmer, ICT services

    'I enjoy making or developing things that students actually use.'

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