• Claes de Vreese

    Claes de Vreese, professor of Communication Science

    ‘The UvA has an open, intellectual culture.’

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  • Gimène Spaans - division manager ICT Services

    Gimène Spaans, division manager of customer care, ICT Services

    'My work is varied and turbulent.'

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  • Harm van der Geest, researcher, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED)

    'Universities offer you the freedom to formulate your own research questions.'

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  • J.J.B. Turpijn

    Jouke Turpijn, assistant professor, Dutch History research group

    ‘Amsterdam is a real UvA city.’

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  • Dr Ning Yan

    Ning Yan, assistant professor of Chemistry

    ‘I enjoy carrying out curiosity-driven research to explore the unknown.’

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  • Nour Munawar, PhD researcher

    'What I like the most about the UvA is the international atmosphere.'

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  • Rafael Ribas, assistant professor of Finance

    'What I like about the UvA is the interaction with other researchers. Top quality researchers from all around the globe.'

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  • Tom Kuipers, programmer, ICT services

    'I enjoy making or developing things that students actually use.'

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