Jouke Turpijn, assistant professor, Dutch History research group

‘Amsterdam is a real UvA city.’

J.J.B. Turpijn

Jouke Turpijn

I won the 2008 Faculty Education Award for my lecture on ‘The Dutch Museum’. The jury lauded the combination of history and current debate on the relationship between past and present. Students participating in the course were also required to think up a new room for the Museum of National History. This active teaching method allows students to learn from one another, but also offers me the opportunity to learn from my students. It inspires new ideas and offers a starting point for research questions.

Research offers a wonderful opportunity to explore new questions in a rich field of study with my colleagues and students, and discover the unknown. The dynamic between research and teaching really lends my job as an assistant professor an exciting edge. I have the freedom I need to learn and grow. My research focuses on the nineteenth and twentieth century, exploring how people became politically active and strove to achieve their ideals. I’ve specialised in parliamentary history and am currently developing my competencies as a public historian.

I studied and obtained my doctorate in Groningen. Amsterdam isn’t a real student city like Groningen, but it’s certainly a good place to study and work. You’ve got everything you need nearby and the city is centrally located. The UvA has some iconic buildings and is a powerful player in both Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Amsterdam may not be a real student city, but it’s certainly a UvA city.

(Jouke Turpijn has worked at the University of Amsterdam since 2006.)

Published by  University of Amsterdam

12 January 2016