Celebrating the UvA's 384th anniversary

08Jan2016 15.00 - 17.00


All staff and students are invited to attend the 384th Dies Natalis on Friday, 8 January. The focus is on education and research, a theme reflected in the Dies speech and the presentation of two honorary doctorates and the Lecturer of the Year award.


Following the opening address by Rector Magnificus and Acting President Dymph van den Boom, Dr Henkjan Honing, professor of Music Cognition at the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Science, will give the Dies speech, 'A monkey with a sense of rhythm: looking for the building blocks of musicality'. Honing will describe a quest that began only recently: a search to answer the question of what musicality is or can be, and to what extent we share musicality with other animals, with the aim of understanding whether musicality has a biological basis.

Honorary doctorates

During the Dies Natalis, honorary doctorates will be awarded to:

  • Professor Andrew Feinberg, expert in the epigenetics of diseases, for his cutting-edge research on humane epigenetics and epigenomics and, more specifically, his contribution to the unravelling of the epigenetic processes that lead to cancer and other diseases.
  • Professor Shih-Fu Chang, one of the founders of the field of data science. Chang will receive a doctorate for his many groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of the digital universe, particularly in the areas of imagery, language and sound.

UvA 2015 Lecturer of the Year

The programme will conclude with the presentation of the 2015 UvA Lecturer of the Year award by the Central Student Council.

Attending the Dies ceremony

All students and staff are welcome to attend the Dies ceremony.

Practical information

  • Time: 15:00 - 17:00
  • Location: the Aula of the University of Amsterdam, Singel 411 

Following the Dies ceremony, there will be an opportunity to congratulate the recipients of the honorary doctorates and the 2015 UvA Lecturer of the Year during a reception in the central hall of the Maagdenhuis.

Please note: the presentation of the honorary doctorates will be in English, but the rest of the Dies ceremony will be in Dutch. 

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